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Did a Police Officer help cause the press to run with tainted misinformation? Famous Aquarians including Sharon Tate and More

Part II of the Latest Translated Article:

Novella 2000 August 21, 1969

The terrible death of Sharon Tate, the most beautiful of Hollywood (part II)
By Paolo Pietroni

And so they were killed

(Rehashes the details of the murder scene for a few paragraphs).

Lieutenant Robert Helder, head of the homicide squad of the police in Los Angeles,  who did the initial investigations confesses, "grasping for staws in the dark. Everything has the appearance of a perfect crime. The victims did not resist. The autopsy ensures that none of five had drugs, and none of the five was drugged, and none of the five has suffered torture.  The one responsible for the murders is apparently not a sex maniac. Nor did he kill for the purposes of robbery. The black hood on the head of one of the victims, the white rope around the neck of Sharon and Jay, the American flag red with blood lying on the couch, the word 'pigs' on the front door: All you could think of was a ceremonial ritual witchcraft, a crime organization or one of the heretical religious sects."

(--Could it have been such a statement that started all the bad press?)

There is another paragraph linking the LaBianca murders that happened on the next night to these murders.

How has Polanski managed?

The husband of Sharon Tate, Roman Polanski (lists all his films here at the time), at the time of the murder was in a friend's house in London, for film work commitments.

A friend said: "Shortly before the telephone rang to bring the tragic news to us we were all at a table and we were just talking about the sudden death of an old comrade. Polanski, with his usual taste for the macabre, he began to sing the famous English chant: 'Eeny meeny miny mo, Who will be the next to go?' (Who will be the next to die?). It all seemed like something out of a screenplay to one of his horror films. Just at that moment the phone rang and that was the answer to that question."

Gene Gutowski, the Polish friend who accompanied Polanski from London to Los Angeles by plane, said: "He was facing me when he heard the news by phone. He turned around. Staring straight ahead in the distance with his eyes glazed over. 'They killed my wife and son,' he said. These words only, and then burst into convulsive sobs."
Beautiful French Actress Francoise Dorleac

Polanski seems plagued by bad luck. Immediately after filming a movie with him, the French actress Francoise DorlĂ©ac (sister of Catherine Deneuve) died beheaded and burned in a car accident that was very macabre. His latest film of success was Rosemary's Baby, which tells of the tragic and difficult pregnancy of a woman falling into a dark net held out by a sect that worships the devil and celebrates hallucinatory sabbatical rites.

Look for part III tomorrow...

This woman claims that people have told her she looks like a combination of Sharon Tate and a few other stars:

Famous Aquarians besides Sharon?

David Lynch, Fredrico Fellini, Christian Dior, Virgina Woolf, Juliette Greco, Langston Hughes, Paul Newman, Claudine Longet, Eartha Kitt, Colette, Alan Alda, Carol Channing, Norman Mailer, Vanessa Redgrave, Django Reinhardt, OPRAH, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Clark Gable, Rosa Parks, Alice Cooper, Mia Farrow, Abraham Lincoln, Charles Darwin, Yoko Ono, Bob Marley, Sonny Bono, and Jackson Pollock.

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