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Doris Tate 's Premonition of Sharon Tate 's Death and How She Coped, Polanski News, Doomed Movie Lovers and More

National Enquirer Article either from late 1970s or early 1980s:

The mother of murdered actress Sharon Tate says that she saw her daughter die in a vision - three months before the starlet was slain in the Charles Manson "helter-skelter" killings.

And she admits that today she can't sleep without a gun at her side.

Speaking for the first time about her life since losing her daughter, 54 year old Mrs. Gwen Tate told the ENQUIRER:

"Night time is always difficult for me. That is when I do my thinking."

It was night time on August 9 1969 when Sharon and four other were shot and stabbed to death in her Beverly Hills home.

And the passing of years can't erase the bloody imagines.

"I've put myself in Sharons place that night," says Mrs. Tate, "and I have to pull myself away. It is horrific. You could really go completely insane. And there were times when I felt I was on the edge. You just don't accept it. You don't face it."

"It took three years before I woke up and said 'shes gone.' "

Mrs. Tate sat holding a bible in her comfortable home in Palos Verdes, California. "You never get over something like this," she said. "I still go through depressions. I keep the bible close to me, in my bedroom I have my rosary... and a gun. I sleep with it by my side. If someone tried to break in, I wouldn't stop and say 'who are you?' I'd just blow his head off."

Mrs. Tate recalled the vision she had three months before Sharon was murdered.

"I saw myself with her in this room, and I was trying to get her out. A man dressed in black was shooting a gun." (The killers were dressed in black and one man, Charles Tex Watson had used a gun). 

Mrs. Tate recalled something that happened on the day of the funeral - Something that kept her from falling apart. "Sharon's casket was closed," she said. "I went over to kiss it - and I heard her say as plain as if she was standing beside me. 'Mother, that's not me.'  That's what saved my sanity and thats what gave me strength, because I do believe in life after death.

"I feel Sharons presence here in the house and I am certain that, somewhere, some day we will be together."

In addition, I found a link on the internet were it shows that Gwen/Doris Tate visited with a Spiritualist and Medium, Brian Edward Hurst, about Sharon.  He says: "Doris was a wonderful advocate for the Parents of Murdered Children. She has now passed to a higher life."  Here is the link to his website and he has a photo of himself with Doris Tate:


A new photo I found on the web of a behind the scenes from Polanski's 'Tess':

Here is a link about Celebrity Doomed Lovers that mentions Sharon and Roman:


Still looking for "The Beverly Hillbillies" and Sharon? :


And is it me, or is this asking for to much money for Greg King 's fine biography of Sharon?  I suppose it is out of print now?


Absent Polanski to Dominate Berlin Film Festival?


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