Friday, February 26, 2010

Photo of the Week, "Eye of the Devil" Novel, Sharon's Style, and Roman talks about the light and love he still holds for Sharon

Here is the photo of the week:

I think this photo goes well with what Pierce Brosnan says about how Roman still feels about Sharon:

I looked for more of Odile in Philip Loraine's book, "Eye of the Devil."  However, there are only about three brief scenes she is in.  She is just mentioned really.  I am guessing that Ransohoff pushed the writers to make her part broader and more interesting, as I noticed that Philip Loraine--under the name of Robin Estridge-- along with Dennis Murphy wrote the screenplay.

Do you think Sharon would wear this?  Here is a style blog:

And Pierce Brosnan talked about Polanski again in an interview for "The Ghost Writer" and he mentioned Sharon:

"I lost a wife, and this man lost his wife in the most barbaric fashion. He spoke tenderly and openly about the light and the love that he still carries for Sharon."

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  1. Very sweet of Roman's part still feel Sharon in his heart .-.