Thursday, February 4, 2010

Our 200th Post, Using Sharon's Name for Music Bands? Sharon and The Esalen Institute and More on Roman

Today is our 200th Post!  Boy time sure flies, doesn't it?

Do we really need a rock band named Sharon Tate?  I have to admit I was not very fond of the group 'Sharon Tate's Baby' because of what that brought to mind.  I wonder if there is a legal action that can be taken to keep someone's name sacred, especially when it is a real name of a person who has passed?  It just doesn't seem right to me.  With saying that, here is the link that mentions this new band with Sharon's name:

Sharon Tate among other celebrities is mentioned in this article concerning the Esalen Institute:

Exclusive photos of Polanski's new film, "The Ghost Writer" :

More on Roman and his new movie here:

Has anyone ever seen this fake commercial Polanski made for a perfume called "Greed"?  It has Natalie Portman and Michelle Williams.  Let me know what you think of it?

More about this humorous ad here including the video of it:

as well as some information about the project:

Michelle Williams and Natalie Portman in Polanski's short, "Greed."


  1. I liked the humor in the faux commercial "Greed". I previously hadn't known about this short film. It's taking a poke at people and their absurdity for wanting whatever is currently hyped. Roman talks about the commercial and about his life in this article/interview.

  2. The Esalen Institute seems like a great place to learn and relax. I believe we only use 10 percent of both our brains and hearts, too. I wish I could attend some of their workshops($$$$).

    The article mentioned Sharon as part of the counter culture of the Sixties. I agree in that she seemed open to new thoughts and ideas. Sharon, like many of her generation saw possibilities beyond what was conventional. I bet Sharon loved Big Sur for it's natural setting and the power that has over one's mindset. A place for meditation or peaceful thought.

  3. Congrates to your 200th posting, Mike!
    Please, keep up your good work!
    Best always, Kerstien

  4. these bands seem to be able to use whatever name they want no matter who it hurts. Their music is garbage so they find the most offensive name they can to get publicity. These groups are no talent scum who turn my stomach. I try to get their stuff removed from ebay but it does not always work. Maby the family can do something about it.