Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sharon's friend, actor Tony Curtis dies at 85, News on Polanski, and Sharon and Heidi Klum

Sadly, Sharon's co-star and friend Tony Curtis has passed away at age 85.  Here is an article on this:

I thought it would be nice to have a sort of tribute to Tony with showing some great photos of him when he worked with Sharon on "Don't Make Waves":

My best wishes go to Curtis' family and may he Rest in Peace.

Here is a new article on Roman:

And after 13 years, Heidi Klum has decided to stop posing for Victoria's Secret.  She reminds me of Sharon and to be honest, I have to wonder what Sharon would have looked like in Victoria's Secret fashions? ;)

For more pics of Heidi on the runway in the past 13 years for Victoria's Secret go to:

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Cool Bruce Lee and Sharon Tribute, Sharon Web Mentions and a Look Back at Patti Tate

Here is a really cool new video of Bruce Lee and Sharon:

Here are some Sharon mentions on the web for today:

And this one...but watch for colorful language! :

Here is a great look back at the lovely little sister of Sharon, Patti Tate:

And here is an old letter she wrote some years back (dated January 29, 1999) :

Hi there!

Thanks for coming to my site and wanting to know a bit more about me. As you know by now, I am Patricia Tate, known as "Patti" to my family and friends.

Many people already do know much about me and my life's circumstances. I would like to be a much more private person, but that's not what life handed me.

My father is Colonel Paul Tate and my Mom, now deceased, was Doris Tate, and they were originally from Houston, Texas. We were an Army family and were moved around the world quite a bit. We lived for awhile in Verona, Italy when I was really young. I was the baby of the family, Debbie is 5 years older and Sharon was 15 years older than me.

The only thing I feel like saying right now regarding Sharon is that most people don't realize that she was only a famous movie star for the last two and a half years of her life. I do have my own fond memories of her that I would like to remain private. It just kind of bugs me that the thing she seems most known for is her death. Is it really necessary for me to say how painful the whole thing was? Just put yourself in my shoes, how would you feel, and how would something like that affect your family?

My mother was of course, completely devastated. It took her a few years to deal with it and when she came to, she took it on with a major vengeance and became a leading Victims Rights Advocate. She fought with everything she had until the day that she died. There were times when I didn't feel like she was completely there for me, as she was so consumed by what she had to do to get laws changed and other related activities. But I took solace in the notion that if something like that had happened to me, she would fight to the end for me, too. Being a mother myself, I can now relate to where she was coming from.

In 1978, I married Don Ford, who at that time played in the NBA for the Lakers. We separated in 1992, of "irreconcilable differences". But three good things came out of our union, our children.

I have been busy these past seven years since Mom died, and Don and I split up, raising my kids and getting back into the work force. I am glad I was able to stay home with them while they were all young.

In the late winter of 1997, I felt a lump in my breast and had it biopsied, and was terrified to learn that that it was already Stage II Breast Cancer. I had a partial mastectomy and they gave me really strong chemotherapy which put it into remission by July 1997. The chemo was hell. It made my hair fall out and I thought I looked like a martian. It made me sick to my stomach and made me crazy in my head. I really thought I was going nuts! Thank God, I had family and friends to watch out for me and the kids, 'cause boy, oh boy, it was a really rough time.

I stayed in remission for over a year and went in for frequent check ups. The news was not so good in the in the fall of 1998. The cancer was back at Stage IV and had spread to my lymph system. It settled in my lungs and that's where it is. It's metastacized, like cotton candy. Breathing is a bit of a chore now. I have to be careful.

When I first told Robin the cancer was back, I told her what the Doctors had told me. There was nothing I could do and she set about making this site to get some good prayers and positive energy going. Well, two weeks ago I flew to Duke Medical University in North Carolina to hopefully be chosen to participate in the new breast cancer vaccine they're experimenting with. They didn't accept me, but what did they say was "Go home, get on some strong chemo, get the cancer into remission and come back in three months".

So that's the plan right now. I'm back on the chemo and trying to boost my immune system.

As a Christian, I believe in the power of prayer. Please pray for me and let God's will be done.

I would like to wish the very best to Patti's children and other family members.  May this wonderful lady Rest in peace.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sharon Tate Tattoos? More Sharon Tate Art and Some Rare "Fearless Vampire Killers" Photos

I have found that many are having tattoos done now and Sharon is apparently one that is requested:

Here is some more groovy Sharon Tate Art for Our Sharon Tate Art Gallery...

Of course, I must include Kerstien...;)

This one reminds me of Sharon when she was trying out for "Bonnie and Clyde."

And since Halloween is coming up I thought I'd show some rare "Fearless Vampire Killer" Photos:

Monday, September 27, 2010

Celebrity Event Coming Up That Includes Sharon, A Great Photo of Sharon, and Kerstien is Updating More!

Here is a web mention of Sharon:

EVENT! October 13 – Hollywood Heritage Museum GRAVEHUNTING WITH STEVE

A note from TED GOODING:

Evening @ the Barn returns

on Wednesday, October 13, 2010 at 7:30PM for

Gravehunting With Steve

Take a trip underground with cemetery historian Steve Goldstein as he uncovers the final resting places of Los Angeles’ most famous and influential residents.

Gravesites to be discussed include: Walt Disney, The Three Stooges, Marilyn Monroe, Bugsy Siegel, Stan Laurel, Sharon Tate, Frank Zappa and Dee Dee Ramone.

The program will include a screening of Steve’s short film, Gravehunting With Steve: A Journey Beneath Los Angeles, an audience Q&A and book signing of LA’s Graveside Companion: Where the V.I.P.’s R.I.P.:

About Steve:  Steve Goldstein has been a cemetery historian for over twenty years, frequently appearing in newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and other media as an expert on the subject, and is a frequent contributor to the online reference site,, as well as being a sought after tour guide and creator of the website, founded in 1998. His book is entitled “LA’s Graveside Companion: Where the V.I.P.’s R.I.P. “

About the book:

LA’s Graveside Companion: Where the V.I.P.’s R.I.P.: Over ten years in the making, this elegant and informative guide to a dozen Los Angeles cemeteries unearths the 400 most interesting gravesites in Southern California. Over 270 amazing photos, informative text, and driving directions guide readers to the final resting places of L.A.’s most famous and influential residents. Included are Walt Disney to The Three Stooges, Marilyn Monroe to Bugsy Siegel, Stan Laurel to beloved actor John Ritter. Murder victims Sharon Tate and Lana Clarkson. It includes the graves of rock stars Johnny and Dee Dee Ramone, Beach Boy Carl Wilson and the unmarked graves of Frank Zappa and Roy Orbison. Scarecrow, the Tin Man and Toto too!

The text includes insightful biographies of each star and will reveal the secrets to where the bodies are buried that can’t be found in cemeteries! All who are passionate about early LA history will treasure this timeless book.


- Gravehunting with Steve-will be presented in the HOLLYWOOD HERITAGE MUSEUM in the Lasky-DeMille Barn (Across from the Hollywood Bowl), 2100 N. Highland Avenue, Hollywood, CA 90068

Wednesday October 13th, 2010

Admission: $5 MEMBERS, $10 NON-MEMBERS

Admission sold only at the door

Doors open 7 p.m., program starts 7:30 p.m.

Please arrive early to avoid disappointment, as seating is limited.

Here is a blogger who shares a very nice photo of Sharon:
Rare Photo found by Tammy taken by Milton Greene.

And be sure to check out Kerstien Matondang 's most recent updates:

Thanks Kerstien for all your hard work and devotion to Sharon's memory!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Quote of the Week, Fake Photos of Sharon, Sharon as a young girl and Polanski's Newest Project

Here is a nice quote I found that comes from Sharon herself:

"A pretty face isn't really all that important.  It will open doors but that's it.  You have to have talent to back what you have going in front."--from the LA Times

Here are some more fakes being sold on ebay of Sharon every now and then so be careful!

This one is of Jerry Hall done by Terry O'Neill.

Here is a link to a great photo of young Sharon and her mother, Doris:

And Roman is working on his next film:

Kate Winslet to star in Roman Polanski's next

Oscar-winning actress Kate Winslet is all set to star in controversial director Roman Polanski's film adaptation of Yasmina Reza's play 'God of Carnage'. Although set in New York, the 'Titanic' star will work on Polanski's film in Paris because the filmmaker is banned from entering America. Polanski fled the country in 1977 after he was convicted of having unlawful sex with a 13-year-old girl.

The filmmaker has roped in two other Oscar-winners Jodie Foster and Christoph Waltz to play pivotal roles, reported The Independent. The second male lead is rumored to be Matt Dillon.

Reza's Tony Award-winning play tells the story of two sets of parents who meet after their sons are involved in a fight. The meeting takes a turn with attacks on each other's parenting and then assaults against the marriages.