Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Very Rare Real Sharon Tate Autograph, Polanski's Classic Films to be Shown, Jennifer Lopez and Valley of the Dolls, Another Blogger Pays Tribute to Sharon and a cool video

One of our watchers here has sent me a photo of a real autograph of Sharon he received back in 1968.  He says it is his 'gem' and you can see why:

Photograph and the original envelope it was received in.

Thanks to Ted for this!

Here is an article on Polanski's films being shown:

Jennifer Lopez is on the cover of Glamour magazine this month and she shows off Sharon style hair and even reads from "Valley of the Dolls" in her photo shoot:

In the actual magazine on page 78 it says: "Oh, the Drama: Jennifer read aloud to the crew from this cult classic." Shows the cover with Sharon, Patti Duke and Barbara Parkins.

And here is a great photo of Sharon if you have not already seen it from another fan's blog:

And another cool video with a 'Sharon song' found by our wonderful contributor, Andrea:

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  1. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the fellow who submitted the "very real autograph" of Sharon above actually has a facsimile stamped signature on a studio issued fan photo ... here's a link to an identical one:

    The movie studios routinely sent little portrait pics to those who wrote praising their contract players ...The Tate photo was
    part of a movie star series that featured a fairly convincing blue ink machine stamped autograph which was cruelly designed to fool fans into thinking they had received an actual autograph. by chance, I'm offering an honest-to-goodness authentic Tate signed photo on Ebay this week ... here's a link to
    that auction :

    Your site is beautifully constructed and highly informative ... keep up the good work!