Monday, September 6, 2010

Doris Tate in Her Own Words, Sharon and Elke Video and Masked Marauders Album?

Some people have emailed me about this great video that has recently been uploaded to YouTube.  Doris Tate is wonderful in it.  However, I can't say as much about her interviewer, Bill Nelson.  Nelson, as you may know, was found out later to just be using the Tate family and when Doris found out she no longer had anything to do with him.  But that is another story.  Thanks to everyone and Andrea for loading this.  I love hearing Doris' words.  There are 7 parts, so be sure to see them all.  Here is the link that was emailed to me:

Here is an Elke Sommer and Sharon video that has also been uploaded recently:

And does anyone know the history behind this album?  It supposedly has Sharon on it's cover? Is it really her?  And why was she chosen to be on it?  Is this a redone Polanski Playboy photo?  I can't find my edition but it reminds me of one with her and Ferdy Mayne?

Thanks for everyone's recent emails!  It makes my day to hear from you!


  1. Not Sharon ! Thank you very much for your work Mike. We wish you the best *

  2. That IS Sharon on the album cover because I've seen that photo before on other Sharon sites. I have it in my collection but as far as its origins I'm unsure.

  3. This is not important. As a big fan of Sharon, beautiful women, art and photography, I see by myself this picture reminds the celeb picture of "le bal des vampires" yes but as a copy. The face is too different to be sharon's perfect face. Brows, eyes and nose's shape ! Similarity is in expression and "contours du visage". *

  4. I worked on the CD reissue of this rare Masked Marauders LP back in 2001 (Rhino Handmade), and yes, I can confirm it is Sharon Tate. I believe this was a still taken around the time of The Fearless Vampire Killers if I recall. The cover photo was changed for the CD release, I can't remember why we did that.

  5. even though has been so long since she left us, it still hits me as a terrible , terrible thing that was done and how someone could do such a thing to hurt someone that didn't even know these people or had no idea who they were or why they were doing what they were doing. There are alot of similarities going on in los angeles with the arsons today and for what reason. what good could possibly come out of doing these bad things. I hope someone reads this and thinks twice about hurting innocent people who mean no harm to anyone and think about what it means to hurt anyone?