Tuesday, September 14, 2010

For Tuesday September 14th: Reshma Shetty: India's Sharon Tate? A Cool Japanese poster for FVK

Sorry I got in late tonight but here is the blog entry for the 14th:

I watched the show 'Royal Pains' this summer and I couldn't help but think that the beautiful Reshma Shetty looks like an Indian Sharon Tate to me.  One of her co-stars compared her beauty to that of Elizabeth Taylor but with her long hair, big bright eyes, and smile, she puts me in mind of Sharon more than Taylor although both were very beautiful just in different ways.

Reshma Shetty

For more on this talented actress go here:

In the past, we have discussed many actresses that remind us of Sharon.  For instance, Penelope Cruz is our Spanish Sharon Tate and Keira Knightly is our British one.  Are there other actresses that you can think of?

Here is a real check written by Sharon on this site:

And more great art from the web and deviant art of Sharon:

Sharon on a flag?

Here is a cool poster of "The Fearless Vampire Killers" from Japan:


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  1. There IS something about Reshma Shetty that is Sharon-esque...she's definitely got the smile. :)