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The Year in Sharon Tate for 2009, Happy New Year Everyone!

For someone who has sadly been gone for 40 years, Sharon Tate still makes news even today.  Thankfully, her beautiful memory has not been forgotten.

Here are some highlights from this year (not necessarily in this order but...) :

20.  "Twilight: New Moon" and Vampires made Sharon's film "The Fearless Vampire Killers" a topic of conversation for vampire enthusiasts.

19.  A Nude Photo taken by David Bailey of Sharon and Roman together went for $11,250 at an auction.

18.  New book on Sharon's friend Designer Travilla is coming out soon. The biography is called "The Gentleman Preferred Dressing the Blonde, the glamorous life of Bill Travilla" by Kimberely Ashley.

17.  Micaela has a great Italian blog on Sharon:

16.  Also, Tammie makes great montages that if you haven't already seen you should here:

15.  Please sign my petition, if you have not already done so, for Hatami to do a book on Sharon:

14.  Polanski has kept busy making his film--and now editing it--"Ghost."

13.  We compared Sharon to many great actresses from now and the past including: Farrah Fawcett, Carole Landis, Hedy Lamarr, Keira Knightly, Penelope Cruz, Actress/Model Tasha de Vasconcelos, Catherine Deneuve, Michelle Pfeiffer, Natasha Richardson, Brittany Murphy, and Marilyn Monroe.

12.  Sharon was an extra in a movie and we just recently found out about it: "The Sea Musketeers" starring Channing Pollock, Aldo Ray, Pier Angeli and Robert Alda.

11.  We also looked back on the life of Hair Stylist Jay Sebring and are looking forward to his nephews upcoming documentary on him.

10.  Celebrities and friends alike remembered Sharon fondly, reminiscing about her we have heard from Ingrid Pitt, Steve McQueen, Sheliah Wells, Kathy Kersh, Leslie Caron, Actress Brienne De Beau, Photographer Jerry Schatzberg, Photograher Ellen Graham, Short Filmmaker Albert Maysles, Former MGM Publicist Christopher Farries, Jozy Pollock, High School friends: Tim Avedovech, Michael Ragland, Clifton Bowers, Mike Brady, Judy Campbell, Irene Hays, Carol Jean Thompson and Judy Willox.

9.  Celebrities that have copied Sharon's signature style have been: British singer Duffy, Jessica Simpson, Milla Jovovich, Claudia Schiffer, Diane Kruger, Sienna Miller, Kate Hudson, Model Natasha Poley, Hillary Duff, January Jones, Amber Valletta, and Molly Sims.

8.  We've seen many magical art pieces from the wonderful Swedish artist, Kerstien Matondang ( among many others from the internet and Deviant Art.

7.  Debra Tate appeared on Larry King Live, The Today Show and the Manson documentary that featured a new interview with Linda Kasabian.

6.  Some of Sharon's friends passed away including: Dominick Dunne, Paul Burke, Paul Newman, Ricardo Montalban and there were a few others from the 1960s, like John Phillip Law that passed among others, however, I do not--unfortunately--know if they actually ever met or knew Sharon?  But it was definitely a sad year for celebrity deaths.

5.  Sharon inspired people like Stylist Rachel Zoe, Dear Creatures' Designer Bianca Benitez, Designer Tommy Hilfiger, Designer Michael Kors, Elvira, Gucci, and Beauty Expert Lianne Farbes.

4.  Films that Sharon came close to being in like Polanski's "What?", "Tess," "Bonnie and Clyde", "Untitled Western" Project also with Polanski, "The Sound of Music," "Le Mans," and "The Cincinnati Kid."

3.  Artist Jeremy Corbell for his show ICON An Exhibit Dedicated to Sharon Tate.  Debra Tate helped out by letting Corbell take photos of model Lauren Hastings wearing Sharon's real vintage clothing.  He used the pictures in his Exhibit.

2.  Roman Polanski was arrested in Switzerland and is now on house arrest there at his chalet awaiting the outcome of a 32 rape year old case.

1.  It was the 40th Anniversary of Sharon's murder.  Along with that, Susan Atkins died September 24th.  Atkins had tried to be released from prison earlier in the year under 'compassionate release' since she said sh was dying of a brain tumor but the final ruling did not allow for this to take place and she was denied for the final time. 

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Sharon Tate: New Sex Goddess Handle with Love

Here is an article I found among clippings.  It is probably around 1967-68.  It looks like it was in one those Screen Stories magazines or that type of magazine.

New Sex-Goddess Handle with Love by Bill Marks

Sharon Marie Tate was born in Dallas, Texas, and since both her parents are natives of Houston, she claims to be a Texan. Her father was (and still is) an officer in the U. S. Army, and the Tates, like most Army families, never remained in one place for very long.

When Sharon was six months old and already a beauty, she was chosen Miss Tiny Tot of Dallas. When she reached her teens, she was elected Miss Richland, Washington. Later she was named Miss Autorama in a beauty contest there. At the time, she had no aspirations for a career in films, and no one could have guessed that a few short years later she would become Hollywood's newest sex-goddess and most talked-about overnight movie star.

She attended high school in Verona, Italy--her father was stationed there for four years. She was a cheerleader and a baton twirler and--of course--Homecoming Queen and Queen of the Senior Prom.

"When I was in school," she recalls, "I dreamed about becoming a psychiatrist or a ballerina. Like most girls I would dream about being a movie star too. But those dreams are the impossible kind, the kind you don't really set your heart on.

"I guess you could say that I was somewhat withdrawn from my classmates. I spent a good deal of time being a loner. I suppose that had something to do with the way we lived--always on the move, never living in one town very long. It's very hard to make lasting friendships that way. And my father was rather strict with me and my two younger sisters. He insisted on proper behavior and very often vetoed our choices of boyfriends. There was always a curfew whenever my sisters or I would go out on a date--we had to be home on time or else. But I never resented his authority. In fact, I'm thankful for my strict upbringing; I feel it has helped me learn discipline--and that's very important in this business."

But how did the pretty Texas girl become Sharon Tate, ready-made star? It all started just two and-a-half years ago. Sharon returned to California with her parents. Then 18, she felt it was time to be on her own, to be independent. She took an apartment and any job that would help pay the rent.

Her newfound friends persuaded her to try to break into modeling. And Sharon did do a few commercials for Chevrolet and a cigar company. She worked for a wine company by dressing up in Irish costume to serve free samples to patrons of Los Angeles restaurants.

"When I was in Rome," Sharon says, "I met Richard Beymer. He was there shooting a picture. He told me that if I ever wanted to be an actress, that I should contact his agent in California. That's how I came to meet Harold Gefsky. Harold introduced me to Herb Brower, who was connected with the television show, 'Petticoat Junction'...

"At the time, I was hoping that I might be able to get a bit part on the show--I would have been greatful even for a walk-on, anything to tide me over till my next job. But he just looked at me and then he grabbed my hand and the three of us went running off to Martin Ransohoff's office."

During that first meeting with movie maker Ransohoff, Lady Luck must have been standing next to the beautiful but frightened and bewildered Sharon. Ransohoff sat at his mamouth desk, studying the young girl who till then only dreamed about being a movie star. Then the silence broke like thunder.

"Draw up a contract," he shouted. "Get her mother. Get my lawyer. This is the girl I want." Later Ransohoff said, "I have this dream where I'll discover a beautiful girl who's a nobody and turn her into a star everybody wants."

Sharon Tate walked into that dream. There was no delay for a screen test, not even a still photograph was taken. She immediately signed a seven-year contract and Ransohoff personally took charge of his dream-girl. Sharon's impossible dream became a reality.

When Sharon wasn't filming bit parts for various TV shows, she studied acting with the best coaches, including the master himself, Lee Strasberg.

In very short order, Ransohoff sent her off to France for her first movie, '13', which stars Deborah Kerr and David Niven. In the film, she plays a chillingly beautiful, expressionless girl who has a witchy talent for putting the hex on people. (Completed last year, the film should be released soon--the delay possibly due to the Ransohoff strategy and sales pitch.)

Next came 'Don't Make Waves' with Tony Curtis--the first of her four completed movies to date which has already been seen by the public. She has also completed 'Your Teeth in My Neck' and 'Valley of the Dolls'.

But even before the public saw one foot of screen film, they saw her face on a dozen magazine covers across the country and in Europe. (All part and parcel of the Ransohoff ready-made star image.)

During the filming of 'Your Teeth In My Neck' (previously called 'The Vampire Killers'--a spoof of horror films) Sharon fell in love with the film's director, Roman Polanski. He also stars in the picture with her.

"Marty Ransohoff had to sell Roman on the idea of even considering me for the film," Sharon said. "He arranged for the two of us to have dinner. Roman never said a word to me--we just sat there and ate and he just looked at me. Then we had a second dinner meeting and the same thing happened. Later he took me to his apartment. He lit some candles and then excused himself and left me standing there alone. A short while later he came storming into the room like a madman and he was wearing a Frankenstein mask. I let out a blood-curdling scream and while I was still crying from the scare, he was calling Ransohoff to tell him that the part in the film was mine."

Since then, Sharon and Roman have been inseparable and close friends say that the two will marry. "She's very much in love with Polanski," confides a close friend. "He's the first man she has ever loved. People have always done things for her--ever since she was a child, someone always took charge of her. It's been her life's pattern. She's miserable when she has to come to Hollywood and Polanski can't be with her. She prefers London--or anywhere else as long as they are together.

"I think Sharon is a little embarrassed by her beauty--she feels that the public won't accept her simply because she has been turned into a Hollywood sex-goddess. She wants to be able to prove herself as an actress, too.

"Most of all she needs love--the love that only Roman can offer. I think she would give up her career--even though stardom is in her reach--if it meant losing the man she loves."

Sharon Tate's success as Hollywood's newest golden girl could very well depend on whether or not she gets that happiness in her private life.

Note: I apologize as for the last few months my scanner has not been working and I haven't had time or money to fix it. Anyway, a friend let me borrow his digital camera so I took a couple of shots of the photos that were in the article.  Hopefully, soon I can get things taken care of to show off better photos.

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Sharon Tate... A Woman Deeply In Love

Here is another article from Melissa in Canada.  Thanks again, Melissa!

New Castle News, Saturday, December 9, 1967

Sharon is a Woman Deeply in Love by Dorothy Manners

HOLLYWOOD--The waiter in the Polo Lounge asked her after she ordered wine, "Are you 21?"

"I'm 25," said Sharon Tate seriously, oblivious of the compliment implied.  She looked about 16 in a white two-piece mini dress, black sweater, bare thighs and white boots up to the knee.  

But don't be fooled by the outward appearence of the sex bomb out of 'Valley of the Dolls.'  She's a woman--more importantly, a woman deeply in love--and she doesn't care if Roman Polanski knows it.

"I can't play games," she said.  "I have friends, older women, who tell me I'm foolish to let Roman know how deeply I care about him. They tell me all sorts of things like 'keep a man guessing,' 'men become bored with too much devotion.'  They tell me I am being foolish, well," she shrugged.  "Foolish I am."

The object of this refreshing affection is the 34 year-old director who has created an enormous vogue with his European pictures before coming to Hollywood to direct 'Rosemary's Baby.'  He and Sharon met a little over two years ago. 

Since then, where Roman is, there is Sharon.  When I first met her a year ago when she was making 'Don't Make Waves' with Tony Curtis, she could hardly wait for the picture to be finished so she could join Polanski in Europe.  She had the offer of another picture in Hollywood which she turned down because he couldn't join her.

"But 'Valley of the Dolls' was good timing.  When I started work, Roman had arrived to begin preparation on 'Rosemary's Baby' which worked out beautifully."

"When will the wedding be," I asked.

She looked surprised--as if it mattered.  "Oh, around the end of the year," she reported.

"That's practically here," I reminded her.

"Oh, is it?" she laughed.  I tell you, the girl doesn't know what time or month it is. 

It was high time we got off the love of her life and to something less unsettling--like the work in her life. This, she also loves.

She is quite something to look at as any cameraman in town will tell you.  Her 5' 5" 118 pound figure is almost flawless, her hair is its own ash blonde shade, her eyes hazel and enormous.  Sharon looks so much like a movie star it is not surprising that producer Marty Ransohoff took one look at her two years ago and said to his casting director, "Put that girl under contract."  No test, no nothing.

"It was an easy and yet most difficult way to get started," remembers Sharon.  "I was immediately put into training--rather like a Race horse with no Public exposure on tv or in little theatres, the ususal step - up to a career.  I began a strenuous routine of being coached in singing, dancing, speech, physical culture and, of course, dramatics.  It was very hard work without the rewards of audiences or applause or knowing how the paying customer is reacting to me."  Turns out the reaction is okay.

She was born in Dallas, Texas, the eldest daughter of three girls born to an army intelligence officer.  She barely remembers her birth city because her father was shifted from post to post in the U.S.A.

I wonder what movie Sharon turned down to be able to be with Roman? 

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Roman Polanski Thanks Everyone Who Sent Support to Him, Valley of the Dolls Opening and Steve McQueen in "The Cincinnati Kid"

Roman Polanski wants to thank everyone who has sent messages of support during this difficult time:

From his chalet in Gstaad, Roman Polanski sends his very best.

In a letter to French author Bernard-Henri Lévi, the Oscar-winning filmmaker says he is "overwhelmed by the number of messages of support and sympathy" he has received since being locked up in Switzerland for skipping out on his sentencing for having sex with a teenage girl 31 years ago.

"These messages have come from my neighbors, from people all over Switzerland, and from beyond Switzerland—from across the world," reads the translated-into-English letter, which Lévi gave to the Huffington Post, where he's a contributor.

"I would like every one of them to know how heartening it is, when one is locked up in a cell, to hear this murmur of human voices and of solidarity in the morning mail. In the darkest moments, each of their notes has been a source of comfort and hope, and they continue to be so in my current situation."

Sounds like something the director of The Pianist and Death and the Maiden would write.

Polanski requests in his letter that, because he can't respond to each missive individually, Levi "disseminate these few words" somehow. "These few words" are also the director's first remarks since his legal troubles started all over again.

The Poland-born, longtime resident of France hasn't stepped foot in the U.S., where he made Rosemary's Baby, Chinatown and other films, since 1978.

He was arrested Sept. 24 in Winterthur prison after landing in Switzerland, where he was to accept a lifetime achievement honor at the Zurich Film Festival. He was transferred to home confinement Dec. 4 while he awaits possible extradition to California.

An appellate panel denied Polanski's latest request to have the decades-old charge dropped, in which he argued that the judge and prosecutor from his original case conspired against him.

On this day in movie history, Valley of the Dolls was released:

Tuesday Weld as Christian with Steve McQueen in The Cincinnati Kid.  McQueen had originally wanted Sharon for the role of Christian.

A review with some great trivia about "The Cincinnati Kid".  Personally, no disrespect to Tuesday Weld but I would have rather Sharon had gotten that role.  Also, the information here suggests it was a black woman filmed in the nude scene by Peckinpah instead of the rumor that usually purveys that Sharon was the one and that this is one of the reasons Peckinpah was fired from the film:

Does anyone have any information regarding the Peckinpah rumor?

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Photo Comparison of the Week, Dean Martin and Brazilian Sharon Tate Site

Here is the photo comparison of the week:

Even though she has said that Edie Sedgwick is her fashion icon, one wonders if Sienna Miller isn't channeling Sharon Tate's style? :

These simple photos of Sienna show how she likes to be simple, like Sharon with no or little make up:

Here is a great blog on one of Sharon's friends, Dean Martin:

And if you haven't seen this great site on Sharon, be sure to check it out:

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Just a Pretty Girl in San Pedro--Now Look Sharon Tate and more

Here is another great newspaper article from Melissa in Canada:

Independent Press Telegram - Women and Travel , August 21, 1966

Just a Pretty Girl in San Pedro--Now Look!

By Margaret McKean

"The lid's off Hollywood's newest sex pot!" screams the tabloids.

"She left for England just a pretty girl... and came back an actress," says her mother. 

The girl who was underwraps for three years--producer Martin Ransohoff barred pictures, parties and premieres--is Sharon Tate, who formly lived with her parents in San Pedro.

She began her career as an extra in a movie being filmed in Verona, Italy, where her father Maj. Paul Tate, U. S. Army was stationed.

"There wasn't anything so great in her being chosen... Everytime an American film company they called the Army base for extras who looked like Americans," her mother shrugged.

On the set Sharon became good friends with actor Richard Beymer, who told her, "When you get to California, call my agent."

She did and with absolutely no experience (she'd never even been in a school play), began a round of auditions.  Ransohoff saw her and barked, "Take that girl out of the line--we'll put her in films."

It's reported that he's spent a million dollars in the past year to perfect Sharon's talk, walk and ways.  She's had drama, ballet, singing, gymnastics, diction and horseback riding lessons.

She's finished two movies titled "13" and "Vampire Killers," both shot in England and France.  She worked with David Niven, Deborah Kerr and one of Europe's favorite actors, Roman Polanski.

A few weeks ago Sharon's mother got a phone call from the studio, "Sharon wants you to meet her plane and we'll go from there to the Beverly Wilshire."

"It'll be a chance to get caught up on what's happened during all the months she's been away," her pretty mother thought.

But stardom does not have much time for girl talk.  After arriving, Sharon fell into bed to get a few hours' sleep before a 9 am wardrobe call.

Since then she's been on the set "Don't Make Waves" with Tony Curtis in Malibu.

A stage mother Gwen Tate is not.  "This is the life Sharon wants, she can have it.  She was always kind of pretty and I'll have to admit that she's worked hard.  She'll be 24 next January and it would seem she's behaved herself and come through all this glamour pretty well."

There are no raptures or glowing gushiness from the star's mother or kid sisters, Debbie, 13 and Patti, 9.  Her father is now stationed in Korea and tape recordings the family exchanges center on such important things as 'how mother and dad can take another long separation' and 'is the yard work getting done?'

"We've got a new house in Palos Verdes and Sharon hasn't even had a chance to come see it yet," her mother commented.

In some ways, Sharon is disillusioned--"She hates what studio beauticians do to her hair and recombs every set."   She recently wrote her dad--"I finally own a Christian Dior and now I don't like it.  Mother dressed me better from her sewing machine at home." 

My only question is: Wasn't Sharon suppose to have been in a high school play of 'Romeo and Juliet' playing Juliet?

A few more articles that came up today on Sharon:

This one includes her in photos with a group of other great glamour girls including: Vivien Leigh, Bette Davis, Carole Lombard, Gloria Swanson, Grace Kelly, Pola Negri and Ava Gardner:

This is another sad article on stars who died before the age of 30.  Sharon is on this A-list with some of the greats of film including: Brandon Lee, River Phoenix, Heath Ledger, James Dean, Jean Harlow, Aaliyah, Brad Renfro, Freddie Prinze and Heather O'Rourke.

Tomorrow another special edition of Photo Comparison with another great up and coming actress who many have said looks like she copies Sharon's style.

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Merry Christmas to the Tate Family, Friends and Fans!

Thanks to everyone for their comments and help with contributions here.  I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Here is the photo of the week:

It comes from this site that also includes many photos of movies stars at Christmas time including: Joan Crawford, Myrna Loy, Natalie Wood, Rita Hayworth, Audrey Hepburn, and many others:

And here is a wonderfully done tribute to Sharon on Christmas from this site:

Here is a lovely Xmas poem from this site:

The Nicest Present

By Joanna and Karl Fuchs

Under the tree the gifts enthrall,

But the nicest present of them all

Is filling our thoughts with those who care,

Wanting our Christmas joy to share.

To you, whom we're often thinking of,

We send our holiday joy and love.

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Polanski Not Happy with Press Lately Plus Painting of Sharon Tate

Polanski sues French publications over photos of family

Director, under house arrest in Switzerland, claims pictures of his children infringed on privacy laws
Roman Polanski, under house arrest in Switzerland on child sex charges, is suing French magazines for publishing photos the director feels infringed his privacy, legal sources said Tuesday.
The pictures were taken when the Oscar-winner returned to his chalet in the chic Swiss Alpine resort of Gstaad to continue his detention after being freed on bail from jail in early December.

Polanski and his French actress wife, Emmanuelle Seigner, want 75,000 euros ($114,337.50 Cdn) in damages over the photos and accompanying articles in the VSD and Voici magazines and Le Journal du Dimanche paper, the sources said.

The French-Polish director, 76, who has been wanted in the United States since he fled in 1978 after admitting unlawful sex with a 13-year-old girl, is suing under France's privacy laws.

French privacy laws are seen as the strictest in Europe.

French courts have traditionally favoured the rich and famous in their lawsuits over media intrusion, with even paparazzi photos of celebrities on public beaches or out shopping often considered a breach of the law.

A court hearing on the couple's suit is due to be held in Paris on Jan. 12, the sources said, adding that some of the photos in question showed the couple's children.
For the rest of the article go here:
A nice painting of Sharon has shown up on a rather unsavory auction site.  At least the painting is not negative.  You have to scroll down the page a bit to see it.  :,name,149080,auction_id,auction_details

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Sharon Tate: Glamour is a Personal Thing and British Vogue Summer's Beauty

Here is another great vintage article on Sharon from Melissa:

The Salt Lake Tribune Sunday September 25, 1966

By Lydia Lane

Glamour is a Personal Thing

Hollywood--"There are no set rules about glamour," Sharon Tate replied to my opening question.  "It is a personal thing, built around qualities you feel are your best.

"When your idea about yourself changes, your approach to glamour must change."

At the moment Sharon's glamour has a goal of naturalness.  "But don't let this I-don't-do-anything look deceive you.  There is no glamour without giving painstaking effort to every detail.  What little makeup I wear is applied so that every bit counts.

"When I was growing up I used to brush my lashes with petroleum jelly, and this stimulated their growth.  I keep them from breaking by always removing my mascara with special remover pads that come soaked in oil which I get at a drugstore."

For her complexion Sharon uses avocado oil which she buys in a health store.  "I like the way it makes my skin feel."

As a final step in building glamour Sharon recommends keeping your hair clean and well-brushed.  "I don't care for stylized hair designs.  All those pieces of artificial hair piled up often throw the body out of proportion and overpower the personality."

And here is another short article from British Vogue April 1, 1966:

Hair by Leighton above.

This Summer's Beauty Certainties

Romantic simple hairstyle for evening, left (on Tate), by Harold Leighton.   The hair is brushed smoothly back and tied with a starred almond pink chiffon scarf and rose.  The swish of hair that falls nearly to the waist is an eye-deceiving extra.  Scarf at Liberty.  At right, (last photo) Leonard gives the hair the full romantic treatment for summer evenings.  The hair, center-parted, is swept up, back and down; from the crown to the shoulders it falls in a thick smooth plait studded with camellias.  Heroine for the romantic hair-dos is Sharon Tate, blonde, 23, she recently finished filming in "I the Devil" (with David Niven, Donald Pleasance, Flora Robson, Emlyn Williams), is now working on "The Vampire Killers."

Here is the top part of the article above.

Funny, I never heard "Eye of the Devil" as "I the Devil".  Must be a miss-print or whoever took down the title didn't hear correctly.  But that's one thing that makes these tidbit articles so interesting and fun.  And I guess Sharon didn't mind artificial hair if it was done professionally for photo shoots.  One has to admit that when she was out on the town she did her hair in a much more simple way without any hair additions of any kind.

Last photo of hair by Leonard.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New Vintage Article on Sharon and her first big feature: Plus more Sharon Tate links!

Melissa from Canada has been so kind to send me a few articles she has on Sharon from Newspapers.  Here is the first one of the series:

TriCity Herald Richland Washington Sunday September 5, 1965

Former Tri-Citan to Star in Movie with Kim Novak

One-time Richland High School beauty Sharon Tate has begun a film career by co-starring with Kim Novak.

According to movie columnist Shelia Graham, blonde, blue eyed, 22 year-old Sharon will co-star in Producer Martin Ransohoff's newest production, "13."

Sharon is no stranger to spotlights.  At the age of 16, while a student at Columbia High, she was chosen both Miss Richland of the 1959 Atomic Frontier Days and Miss Autorama of 1958-59.

In 1959, Sharon followed her family to Italy, where her father, Maj. Paul J. Tate had been reassigned after his tour of duty at Camp Hanford.  While in Verona, Italy, Sharon met actor Richard Beymer, who was on  location in the Italian city.  Beymer said she should be in modeling or acting, and asked her to look him up if she got to Hollywood.

Sharon explained to Shelia Graham how she met producer Ransohoff: "My father was transferred to Los Angeles, but Richard was in New York, so he put me in touch with his agent.  I was going to be a model because I always looked pretty.  The agent took me to Mrs. Ransohoff to do some commercials.  Instead, Mr. Ransohoff put me under contract for seven years and decided to groom me for stardom."

Between her first meeting with Ransohoff and her part in "13," Sharon had two years of study, hard work and relative obscurity.  She got acting experience in television's "The Beverly Hillbillies," as secretary to Jane Hathaway, who, in turn, is secretary to the banker, Mr. Drysdale. 

She also has been tagged to play the part of Jane in a new series of Tarzan films to star veteran Los Angeles Rams line backer, Mike Henry. 

News on Polanski:

Another Sharon fan shares a great photo of her along with some other great film stars:

And Kerstien has added her great short films to You Tube here:

About helping Kerstien:  Be sure to bookmark her You Tube site and look for more updates! Please also let her know what you think? She says any comments or even critisms help her for future projects. :)

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Beautiful Sharon and More on Vampires and Roman Polanski

I have been getting some great compliments on my blog through email lately that I thought I would share:

Lianne Farbes, who I talked about yesterday left me this comment:  "Sharon was a beautiful woman and she deserves to be remembered for that and not the sensationalism that followed her untimely death." 

And Kimberley Ashley, who is working on a biography of Bill Travilla told me she loves the blog and wishes me great success. 

Thanks so much to Farbes and Ashley for their support and nice comments.

Here is yet another great review of "The Fearless Vampire Killers" entitled "Rub a Dub Dub, Sharon Tate is Always in a Tub":

Polanski is at work on editing his latest film:>1=28101

Roman Polanski is Sexy?  Check out this You Tube video and look at the comments below.  I have to admit it is nice to see Polanski getting compliments like this now.  I think Sharon would agree with these women and get a kick out of it. ;)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Another Actress Taken Before Her Time: Brittany Murphy

Another young actress, not much older than our Sharon when she passed, has died.

Both stars when they were very young and beautiful.
Talented young Brittany Murphy has died.  She was only 32 and was recently married.  My thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends at this very sad time.

Here is her full biography:

Here are the news reports of her death:

Here are other celebrities discussing their feelings about Murphy:

Both women had great smiles.

A few things below about Murphy remind me of Sharon:

Brittany's mom is named Sharon.  Both had mothers who supported their careers and went out of their way to help their daughters in becoming actresses.  Both women were close to their mothers.

Both were raised in different areas but ended up in California to pursue their dream of becoming an actress.

Brittany was of Italian descent.  When Sharon herself was in Italy many people thought she was Italian, but, however, she was actually American born with some other nationalties mixed in.

Brittany and Sharon were both referred to as sexy.  Sharon often joked about this calling herself "Sexy Little Me."  In 2006, Murphy was voted 36th in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women List, and in May of the same year, Maxim named Murphy #49 on its annual Hot 100 List.

Both had connections to singing: Sharon trained in singing during her studio launch and Murphy had a hit single with "Faster Kill Pussycat", a club and UK popular single.

Both appeared in television commercials and tv shows early on in their careers.

Both demonstrated a versatality and talent for comedy and drama.

Both wanted to have children.  Sharon almost made it and Brittany said she was planning to start a family soon.

Both appeared in Cosmopolitan magazine among others.  Brittany was a cover girl and Sharon was in a section on fashion.

Both have been seen with brunette and blonde hair.

Both had a family member who had breast cancer: Sharon's sister Patti died from it but Brittany's mom is a survivor of the disease.

Brittany wore her own dress and red lipstick to the premiere of "Clueless" (1995) because she didn't know about stylists.  In Sharon's day their was no such thing so she also wore her own clothes and styled her makeup.

Of course, both died tragically.

Many people remember the two actress with the same words used for both:  sweet, loving, beautiful.

Her Clueless co-star Alicia Silverstone said of Murphy: "She was so talented, so warm, and so sweet."

Lindsay Lohan said: "She was a great talent with a beautiful soul."

Jessica Simpson said: "Brittany Murphy was an incredible ray of Light to so many people. Her smile was contagious."

Singer Hilary Duff added: "RIP Brittany Murphy forever in our hearts."

Former boyfriend Ashton Kutcher said: "2day the world lost a little piece of sunshine. My deepest condolences go out 2 Brittany’s family, her husband, & her amazing mother Sharon."

People who knew Sharon Tate back in her day could have said the same type of things about her.
 Sorry to make this another comparison article.  I was just shocked to see the MSN headline when I turned my computer on.  It is so sad when someone special dies so young.  I think we all agree on that.  May Brittany and Sharon both rest in peace.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Photo Comparison of the Week and More on Sharon Tate Makeup

Here is the photo comparison of the week.  It comes from this link that discusses Sharon Tate style make up by Nars:

Spring 2010: NARS 2010 Makeup Collection…

The Nars Spring 2010 makeup collection is gawgus, but I would expect nothing less. This collection was created by Francois Nars and the spokesmodel is Amber Valletta who was recently featured his anniversary project 15 x 15. This collection reminds me of the late 60’s early 70’s California, very Barbarella and Sharon Tate. One of my favorites from this collection is the nail polish……purple rain. A sparkly bejweled shade that will look so pretty on my fingernails. The creamy shadow duo looks like a keeper as well.

Available January/February 2010 at all NARS counters and

This article was by Lianne Farbes who writes TheMakeupGirl, she is a Beauty Expert, Social Media enthusiast, Project Manager, Web 2.0 cheerleader and she is Always Online.

Be sure to check out Artist Kerstien Matondang 's Happy New Year short film for Sharon.  It's called "Sharon's Magic Bottle of Wine."  Please sign her guestbook and let her know what you think?  :

Another recommendation and nicely written review of Sharon in "The Fearless Vampire Killers" here:

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Coming up this week.... some new to me vintage newspaper articles on Sharon that include interviews with her from another wonderful contributor, Melissa from Canada!  Thanks so much in advance for these Melissa!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Photo of the Week and Another Article on Sharon Tate

Here is the photo of the week of Sharon holding her new puppy by a Christmas tree:

Note on this photo session:  This was Sharon's first Christmas spent in England during the production of "Eye of the Devil".  The puppy's name is Guiness and the then four month old Yorkshire Terrier was a gift to Sharon from the production team of the film.  The photo session was photographed by Stephan C. Archetti.

Another short article on Sharon:

TV and Movie Play magazine for April 1968

Sharon Tate: Why She Prefers Love Without Marriage by Joan Selig

Remember that old refrain: Love and marriage, love and marriage. Go together like a horse and carriage?

Not for Sharon Tate, they don't. Sharon has her own ideas on love, sex and marriage. And they aren't conventional.

Lots of actesses have had affairs. But generally, they pretend it's just friendship or dates. And some Hollywood dames with uncounted "Friendships" maintain the utmost air of propriety.

Not so for Sharon Tate.  Sharon is different.  She confessed to living with director Roman Polanski to a reporter for a national magazine.  And another national mag featured her posing on a bed "in a house which Polish director Roman Polanski rents for her."  Presumably with visiting priviliges.  Yet, why does Sharon prefer this "arrangement."  Why be a mistress instead of a wife?  Are she and Roman unable to marry?  They are both quite eligible.

Sharon has never married. Polanski is divorced from his first wife, a Polish actress.

Don't they love each other?

Quite the contrary, she and Polanski are very much in love and more devoted than many of the legally married couples in Hollywood. They are truly inseparable. Whether simply relaxing at home or on the town, they're always together. In fact, no one ever sees either of them with another date. And that is a bit of a record in this town.

Why then, since she and Roman love each other and there are no legal barriers--why then doesn't Sharon rush her man to the altar?

The answer is that Sharon wants to be a sex goddess- a super star. And she appears to be going the whole route.

Sharon evidently doesn't believe in hiding her beautiful body.She posed semi-nude for that famous mens magazine and she does completely nude scenes(well, she does have those teeny weeny bikini panties) in Valley of the Dolls. Real sexy scenes, like rolling over and over in bed.

The nudity bit is part of the standard sex goddess buildup. Brigitte Bardot, the late Marilyn Monroe, Jane Fonda-- you name the star and she's taken off her clothes. (Interestingly enough, Raquel Welch, who has superb natural endowments but who refuses to wear less than a scanty bikini hasn't made it to super stardom.)

The article shows a photo of Sharon and has a caption that reads:

Sharon plays Jennifer North, the doomed Monroe-like super-sex-star. But she wants to be a real-life goddess as well. Will she pay the same tragic price?

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

More from the Sharon Tate Art Gallery ;) & News on Polanski Plus a Nicely Written Tribute to Sharon

Sharon Tate Art Gallery Part 3:

Speaking of Sharon art this week I found a few more art images on Deviant Art and google's search engine that remind me of Sharon, some remind me of her makeup, hair, ect.:

And I can't post any Sharon related art without including the great Kerstien Matondang:

We love you Kerstien!  Thanks for all your hard and beautiful work!

The latest news on Polanski here:

And a great tribute to our Sharon on this blog:

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New Book Coming Out About "Valley of the Dolls" Designer Travilla that will include Sharon Tate

Kimberely Ashley is in the process of writing a book about Travilla and it will include Sharon and designing clothes for her for "Valley of the Dolls."  The biography is called "The Gentleman Preferred Dressing the Blonde, the glamorous life of Bill Travilla."

Ashley was very kind to send me a little infomation on the book and two photos, one of Travilla and one of him with Sharon:

This is the information Ashley shared about the book:

"Sharon was one of Bill Travilla's favorite people to work with. He was deeply affected by her death shortly after Valley of the Dolls.  It is premature to reveal any book excerpts yet at this early stage. I am, however, at liberty to share these two images below with you for use on your blog, and would appreciate any mention of our upcoming book and title. Within the book is a chapter that includes stories about filming of The Valley of the Dolls.  The release date will be in early 2011 about a year from now. I appreciate your thoughtfulness in posting an announcement of my book on your blog. I have such continous intense interest in it from people."

She said she will keep us posted on an exact release date.  I am sure all of Travilla's and Sharon's fans will be looking forward to this. 

I also found this information online at this link:


Lon's at the Hermosa (map):

5532 North Palo Cristi Road (Hermosa Inn)
Paradise Valley, AZ 85253
Special Guests: Kimberley Ashley & Robert Black

Friday, January 22, 2010 at 6:30 PM

Hollywood's golden era of fashion is coming to Lon's with "Designing Marilyn: Hollywood's Travilla Glamour." High fashion designers Kimberley Ashley and Robert Black will present the iconic designs of Bill Travilla, best known for creating Marilyn Monroe's illustrious film costumes including the most famous dress in the world - the white halter dress for "The Seven Year Itch" and for television epics including, "Dallas," and "Dynasty."

Kimberley Ashley and Robert Black

Kimberley Ashley, a respected haute couture designer with her own signature line, has outfitted both socialites and celebrities and is a member of the elite Fashion Group International. Author of the Travilla biography, "The Gentleman Preferred Dressing the Blonde: The Glamorous Life of Hollywood's Travilla" and co-author of the upcoming book, "The Legendary Style of Bill Travilla," Ashley has become the single authority on Travilla's life, She also is the founding director of The Ashley Travilla Fashion Foundation.

Robert Black, synonymous with fashion and the most beautiful faces in Phoenix, created the Southwest's top model and talent agency, the FORD/Robert Black Agency. As the acquisitions director for The Ashley Travilla Fashion Foundation, he partnered with Ashley to co-author "The Legendary Style of Bill Travilla." As a long-time collector of vintage fashion, Black recently opened the new upscale vintage boutique, Fashion by Robert Black, in Scottsdale. He also is a member of Fashion Group International.

Bringing to life the golden era of beauty and glamour, a presentation will follow dinner on the design and art of fashion, with a fascinating journey of the Bill Travilla collection. Models from the FORD/Robert Black Agency will provide a private fashion show of Travilla costumes -- some unveiled for the first time -- from The Ashley Travilla Fashion Foundation collection.

The dinner is in partnership with the Ashley Travilla Fashion Foundation.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

More Great Sharon Tate Christmas Art!!!

Here is more wonderful Christmas art from the great Kerstien Matondang.  Thanks Kerstien!  Just click on the photos for a bigger display:

Also, she has some new art on her website for Sharon.  Check it out here:

Enjoy!  I hope everyone is having a Merry Christmas!