Saturday, December 5, 2009

Photo Comparison of the Week & More on Polanski

A fan sent me some photos of another actress who resembles Sharon, Molly Sims:

Here is a copy of the article on Sharon:

Sharon Tate

Most people do a double take when Sharon Tate crosses their vision.  She's that movie actresssy-looking.  Ash blonde hair, hazel eyes, Sharon became accustomed to hearing people say: "You oughta be in pictures."  It wasn't until Eli Wallach, Susan Strasberg and Richard Beymer saw her in Italy that things began to happen.  They introduced her to the right people.  From Tv commercials to starring roles to "Valley of the Dolls."

Another blogger mentions Sharon as a fashion icon:

The latest news on Roman Polanski:>1=28101

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