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Quote of the Week, Another Translated Article: Sharon Tate Knew Her Child Was a Boy and More on the Polanski Case

I thought I would start a quote of the week.  It will be by someone who knew Sharon, or by Sharon herself, or a quote that makes you think of her.
First one:  "She was nineteen years old, she was absolutely beautiful. I mean Sharon was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen."--Martin Ransohoff

Part of the translated article I referred to earlier:

Novella 2000 August 21, 1969

The terrible death of Sharon Tate, the most beautiful of Hollywood (Part I)

They killed the baby she was carrying

Bel Air, among the most elegant neighborhoods of the "Mecca of cinema," was the scene of a crime unprecedented five people were brutally killed, their bodies were desecrated. Among the victims, the actress Sharon Tate, who was to be a mother within the month.
By Paolo Pietroni
She spoke often of her child. Two months ago, Sharon Tate was at the sixth month of pregnancy. She was in London filming the latest scenes of her fifth film, Thirteen, and the 'belly' was so obvious that the director Lucignani was forced to devise special optical tricks to hide it.
And so she showed. "It will be a male, I know, I feel it," she told Vittorio Gassman, to Orson Welles, Terry Thomas, to all friends of the crew. And she said the usual things that mothers say. That the child must look like her in looks but as for the brain it had to be just like his father--as smart as his father. And sometimes, during pauses in work, it was easy to see Sharon in a corner talking to herself. It seemed that she spoke to her baby. Instead she spoke to her son as if he was already born. And she spoke as if he were already large and needed her advice. Once they heard her say, "You can be fat as Orson Welles, my friend. But only if you're talented like him. Otherwise, you will not eat much."
"She always spoke to him in the masculine," recalls the director Luciano Lucignani. "She was one hundred percent sure it was a male. She also accepted bets on it."
Sunday Aug. 10 in Los Angeles, the morgue, the coroner Thomas Noguchi has done the autopsy on the body of Sharon Tate, assassinanted the night between Friday 8 and Saturday 9 August. Thomas Noguchi announced that the baby that the actress had carried was that of a male.

More coming...
Polanski appeal may take a year?

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Picture Comparison of the Week--Dakota Fanning as Sharon Tate? Video on Polanski and Tate Nude Photo, and Actor Pierce Brosnan defends Polanski and More

Here is the lovely Photo Comparison of the Week... Dakota Fanning looks like she is doing her best 'Sharon Tate' in this photo.  The hair is very familiar to Sharon's.

Interesting short video on the David Bailey photograph of Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski that was on sale recently (Thanks to Tammie for this great find! ):

A nice photo of Sharon on an Italian blog:

Jay Leno comparing himself to Polanski? :

And Actor Pierce Brosnan talks about Polanski:

Brosnan calls for 'closure' on Polanski child sex case
By Ken Sweeney Tuesday January 26 2010

ACTOR Pierce Brosnan , the star of controversial film director Roman Polanski's new film, has called for closure on the child sex saga.

"There's a sadness to the whole situation. What happened was wrong in every way, but I just wish the man well and closure for this time in his life. He's a magnificent director and iconic in the world of cinema," he said.

"My heart goes out to his family, to his wife and to his children.

"I hope this chapter can be closed quickly."

The 76-year-old French-born Polanski, who is under house arrest in Switzerland, last week lost his bid to be sentenced in a US court without having to return there.

Pierce Brosnan and Ewan MacGregor in Polanski's "The Ghost Writer."

He faces an arrest warrant over his conviction, 32 years ago, for unlawful sex with a 13-year-old girl. Polanski's lawyer said he would appeal the ruling.

In the film, Brosnan's character also faces a legal challenge. He plays a former British prime minister who is writing his memoirs with the help of a ghost writer, played by Ewan McGregor. There was some doubt last year following Polanski's arrest that 'The Ghost Writer' would be completed.

A number of leading artists, including Martin Scorsese, Salman Rushdie, Sam Mendes and Neil Jordan,signed a petition organised by French philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy demanding Polanski's release.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Translated Article on Roman and Sharon: Polanski thought Sharon had a great life and career ahead of her and More

Here is a vintage article that I have just had translated.  It comes from an Italian magazine and it is an interview with Roman about his work and Sharon:

Novella 2000 August 21, 1969

Her husband remembers her well.

In an interview to our newspaper a few days before the crime in Los Angeles, the film director Roman Polanski said: "Sharon is an amazing actress. But now, I do not care about her career as an actress, but that of her role as a mother."

Roman Polanski was in Taormina on the 2nd of August. With the help of a interpreter we managed to get a brief interview. He had just won a prestigious award for Rosemary's Baby.  He starts the interview abruptly.

"Certainly you want to know if I like the awards. Yes, I like the prizes, because it always means something. What amuses me though is what people will do to get awards, but I do not do anything. However I say that I like the prizes and I have no desire to say that I do not like them just to please those who want to dispute them."

"Are you not tired of," we asked, "introducing the horror element in your films and the mysterious? There is mystery in Cul De Sac, Knife in the Water, in Rosemary's Baby, as if this were the only subject that you prefer to deal with."

Polanski replied, laughing: "My films are of horror?! But not at all! My movies are done for fun. These people who judge my films this way do not understand me.  I make a movie because I enjoy it: I bask in happy events and do not dwell on horror. Yes, I think the public generally misunderstands me."
"Mia Farrow said that Roman Polanski is her favorite director. She claims that he is the only major director who now exists. This is a big statement for a very young actress, who joined the film after much controversy, and some have said to question her credibility. What do you think?"

"I thank Mia Farrow and I agree with you that I have a great record so far with films. But do not forget Fellini and Bergman. As for Mia, I am of the opinion that she is a wonderful actress, the best that exists at this time.  But," he added, "Rosemary's Baby is just one film and I hope to make many."

"But your wife, Sharon Tate, has been found to be an excellent actress. There is a promise of a great career. Yes?"

"Sharon? Probably. What I would like her to concentrate on at this moment is not on her career as an actress, but that of her role as a mother. She is expecting a child very soon. She has went to America because we want our child to be born there.  After that, then we'll see."

"Sharon Tate is not jealous of your work with Mia Farrow?  Does this effect your personal life?"

"I do not want to compare their work! I have no intention of responding to an inquiry about my personal life," so says the director as he stood up, but his friend named Silver was detained so Polanski sat back and said: "I believe in Mia Farrow because she was the ideal interpreter for Rosemary's Baby. If it had not been Mia Farrow I would certainly have prefered to have Sharon. You can not see evil where there is none. On the other hand I am still convinced that my wife can play many more roles in my films.  Her name came out suddenly after the Dance of the Vampires and The Valley of the Dolls. Everyone says of her that she will be a great actress, but she is just waiting for the right moment. Her career is important to her but so is having a child, wouldn't you agree?"

Roman Polanski repeated this statement at a press conference that followed our interview.  Reporters in Taormina have gotten the impression of him being a man who can be obnoxious and arrogant.  This taken from a very personal speech he gave in which the opinions of others apparently had no place.  We noted in our own notebook:  "And a man not intimidated by the media who he seems willing to trample."  Our opinion had found this further confirmation:  "Sometimes I find it nice to tease people and keep them guessing," he told one reporter.

Under the photo the caption reads: They were happy in London. Sharon Tate in a recent picture with her husband, the Polish director Roman Polanski. Some days prior Sharon (who was eight months pregnant) had moved to Los Angeles: Polanski wanted his first child born in America.

There is another article in the same section about Sharon.  I will try to have it translated next.  It is a long one but it looks to have some good quotes.

Here is a nice tribute to Sharon with some lovely photographs:

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rare Sharon Tate Memorabilia, Yorkie Necklace and Can a Teacher be Arrested for Showing a Polanski film?

Here is some rare Sharon Tate memorabilia I have come across.  I have not seen these before:

A rare magazine cover.

A rare book cover.

Rare "Wrecking Crew" French Poster.

A rare Polish article on "The Fearless Vampire Killers."

For those of you who are fans of dogs I found a lovely set of necklaces that are being offered through Bradford Exchange that include two of Sharon's favorite breeds: Poodle and Yorkie:

Here is a website if you are interested in these necklaces? :

And here are more great items that depict animals including dogs:

Can teacher be arrested for showing Polanski's Macbeth? 

NORFOLK, Va., Jan. 27 (UPI) -- The father of a Virginia high school student threatened to have a teacher arrested for showing a class Roman Polanski's 1971 movie of Shakespeare's "Macbeth."

Bill Thompson, a Norfolk police officer, told The Virginian-Pilot he would take out a warrant for contributing to the delinquency of a minor if Great Bridge High School does not take action.

The teacher showed the class several filmed versions of the play. The Polanski movie, which got mixed reviews when it came out, is marked by graphic violence and nudity.

Tom Cupitt, a spokesman for the Chesapeake schools, said the district is investigating. He said the teacher is likely to be disciplined for using outside materials without getting them approved by an administrator.

Morgan Thompson said she was not the only student upset by the movie. She said the nudity started with the first scene.

"It was disgusting. All the boys in the class were making noise, hollering and hooting," she said. "It was entirely offensive to show that. Even if you were going to show that version, at least fast-forward through that."

I guess some of Polanski's vintage films are still causing a stir.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Roman Polanski working on a new movie? Great Cartoon Art of FVK, VOD Trailer and More

Apparently Polanski is already contemplating his next film:

Roman Polanski Working on 'God of Carnage' Adaptation, Says Wife

By: Leonard Jacobs

The embattled Roman Polanski may have a new project in the works: adapting and directing a film version of Yasmina Reza's Tony-winning play 'God of Carnage.'

Of course, he has vital details to work out first, such as remaining under house arrest at his Switzerland chateau and fighting extradition to the U.S. in the still-unresolved 33-year-old sex case against him.

Even from house arrest, however, Polanski is still at work as he finishes post-production on his latest film, 'The Ghost Writer,' which will have its world premiere at the 60th annual Berlin International Film Festival next month. Based on a novel by Robert Harris, 'The Ghost Writer' stars Ewan McGregor and Pierce Brosnan.

'God of Carnage,' meanwhile, has proven a worldwide hit. In Paris, it starred Isabelle Huppert; in London, it starred Ralph Fiennes. And on Broadway, the cast on opening night in March 2009 included James Gandolfini, Marcia Gay Harden, Jeff Daniels and Hope Davis. Now in its 10th month on the Great White Way, the current New York cast features Christine Lahti, Annie Potts, Jimmy Smits and Scottish actor Ken Stott.

The L.A. Times picked up on Polanski's involvement in 'God of Carnage' following an Elle magazine interview with Polanski's wife, Emmanuelle Siegner, co-star of 'The Diving Bell and the Butterfly.' Siegner offered no further details on the project, which has yet to be confirmed, officially.

Marcia Gay Harden, James Gandolfini, Hope Davis, Jeff Daniels

Reza's play examines two sets of parents brought into contact when their respective children come into conflict. As hope for resolving their children's differences fades, the conversation between the parents devolves into accusations, insults and a raucous four-way argument, suggesting a fine line between adults and children.

Last week, a California judge ruled that Polanski could not be sentenced in absentia for slipping out of the U.S. in 1978 after pleading guilty to unlawful intercourse with a minor -- tantamount to statutory rape. Polanski's lawyers are appealing.

Here is a great cartoon drawing from DeviantART from "The Fearless Vampire Killers":

It looks as though Roman can't keep his mind off Sharon :)

Ever see the "Valley of the Dolls" trailer?  Here it is:

Happiness is... Sharon Tate:

And a belated birthday tribute to Sharon:

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Philippe Forquet and Sharon, Great Sharon Tate Photos, Another Star from the Sixties Passes

I saw this on a web page for Forquet:

Philippe Forquet

He fell in love with Sharon Tate, who was also a young contract player at Fox and they became formally engaged. This interfered with the plans a certain well-known producer had for Sharon, including some romantic ones, and the proud young Frenchman locked horns with some pretty powerful people. He made some very influential enemies and was the victim of a largely made-up negative publicity campaign aaying that he had raped and beaten Sharon Tate. These allegations were never proven (as is mentioned in Biography Channel`s bio of Sharon Tate.)

Philippe couldn`t deal with the culture shock of Hollywood of the Sixties. Discouraged and brokenhearted, the sensitive young actor moved to New York and studied at the Actor`s Studio. His friends were the literary crowd, well-known writers of books, and Broadway plays. His family was demanding that he return home and in 1966 he acquiesced vowing never to return to Hollywood unless they sent for him.

Linda Morand

Does anyone know who the producer is?  Also, I have heard that there was once an interview with Forquet's ex-wife, Linda Morand on the internet that discussed Sharon but it is no longer there?  Does anyone know anything about this?   Please email me a link or a copy if possible?

This past weekend some other fans posted some great pictures of Sharon in honor of her birthday:

Polanski to make appeal:

Bonanza Star Pernell Roberts has passed. RIP to him.  Here is the news on this:

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Happy Birthday Sharon! Drew Barrymore Channels Sharon Tate and In Defense of Roman Polanski

Happy Birthday to our wonderful Sharon in heaven!

Other significant things that happened on this day in history:

I noticed the above link says that Tess star Nastassja Kinski also has a birthday!  Happy Birthday to you!


Drew Barrymore and Sharon Tate?

Drew Barrymore Channels a 60s starlet

Drew Barrymore's '60s bouffant and pale makeup were inspired by Brigitte Bardot and Sharon Tate, two references the actress gave makeup artist Debra Ferullo when creating the overall look to compliment her midnight-blue Monique Lhuillier dress.

To get the look, Ferullo used Cover Girl clean liquid makeup and Simply Ageless blush in Plush Peach. To the eyes, layers of Dior Show mascara were applied along with Cover Girl Shadow Blast in Bronze Fire and Silver Sky. For that perfectly frosty, pale pink lip, Ferullo used Dior Addict lip color in Beige Negligee and Dior Addict Ultra Gloss in Jersey Pink.

Frosty pink gloss, a silvery smoky eye along with that teased and twisted up-do, Barrymore looked like she stepped straight out the '60s.
--Melissa Magsaysay

Another defender of Polanski:

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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Photo Comparison of the Week, Rare Sharon Tate Footage on Polanski Documentary and More

Here is our photo comparison of the week.  With the film "When In Rome" coming out I found this one on Kirsten Bell that looks a bit like Sharon.  Also, be sure to check the movie out as Italy was one of Sharon's favorite places.

Here is some rare footage of Sharon during filming of "12 + 1" and with Roman (this comes from an Italian documentary) :

Other News:

Actress Jean Simmons has passed away.  May she rest in peace. Here is a look back at her life:

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Photo of the Week, Judge Orders Polanski to the US But an Appeal is Likely, and more

Here is our lovely photo of the week:

The latest news on Polanski:

Judge: Polanski won't be sentenced in abstentia

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- A judge ruled Friday that Roman Polanski must return to the U.S. to be sentenced in a decades-old sex case.

Superior Court Judge Peter Espinoza said he ruled "in defense of the integrity of the justice system, he needs to surrender."

His ruling is likely to be appealed.

Attorneys for the 76-year-old director have argued their client should be sentenced in absentia to time already served after pleading guilty in 1978 to one count of unlawful sexual intercourse with a 13-year-old girl.

Prosecutors insist Polanski must appear in a Los Angeles courtroom and not be permitted to manipulate the justice system.

Here is the link the above news comes from:>1=28101

A fan of Sharon's has some great photos of her here:

If you like items on the Paranormal there is one mention here that might be of interest to you:

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Emmanuelle Seigner Defends Husband, Samantha Geimer Takes New Position in Case, Polanski Being Compared to Nazis??? and More

This comes from The Washington Post site:

Wife says Polanski is 'marvelous' husband

By ELAINE GANLEY - The Associated Press

Thursday, January 21, 2010; 4:42 PM

PARIS -- Film director Roman Polanski's wife said she "understands perfectly" that women have been shocked by the 32-year-old sex case revived by her husband's sudden arrest in Switzerland.

But she added in an interview with Elle magazine appearing Friday that in the 1970s, when the crime occurred, society viewed sex and drugs in a different light.

"My personal truth is that Roman is a marvelous husband and man," said actress Emmanuelle Seigner, 43. "He is an impeccable man and I have nothing to reproach him for."

The 76-year-old Polanski, who has two young children, is fighting extradition to the United States. The director was initially accused of raping a 13-year-old girl after plying her with champagne and a Quaalude pill during a 1977 modeling shoot. He pleaded guilty to unlawful sexual intercourse, then fled to France on the eve of sentencing in 1978.

"My husband never believed he was above the law. The proof is that he pleaded guilty...," she said.

Polanski was arrested in Switzerland on his way to a film festival in September. He was jailed for more than 60 days before being placed under house arrest Dec. 4 in Gstaad, Switzerland.

The woman who was the child victim at the time, Samantha Geimer, is supporting a motion by Polanski's lawyers urging that the director be sentenced to time served then - 42 days in a California prison for psychiatric evaluation.

Geimer's attorney, Lawrence Silver, faxed that position to other lawyers Wednesday, asking that Polanski be sentenced in absentia.

The director's wife said the 1970s were a "crazy time."

"The relationship to drugs wasn't the same, the relationship to sexual liberty and permissiveness neither," she said. "Today, public opinion has considerably evolved on the subjects."

Seigner described her personal horror after her husband's arrest.

She said she has had the impression of "falling into a well like Alice in Alice in Wonderland," and that each day the fall has been "slow and regular ... and this long fall won't stop."

Switzerland has not yet decided whether to honor the extradition request.

More of that interview is here:

Here is what Samantha Geimer is saying and wanting to do with the case now:

Here is what the prosecutors had to say about the above:

Polanski being compared to German Officers/Nazis?

I found this strange conversation that apparently appeared on the radio not too long ago (link: :

Sharon daVanport: I’ll tell you something that really caught my attention; I think it’s pretty controversial: Roman Polanski. He’s probably most famously known as Sharon Tate’s husband—Sharon Tate was one of the victims in the Manson murders. He’s been a fugitive for 30 years. They’ve been pretty split in Hollywood; he’s got a lot of pretty big Hollywood stars who have backed him, and said that they should just drop these charges.

He actually was charged with statutory rape, I guess in Los Angeles. He’s been on the lam for 30 years and was finally caught, and some people are protesting and saying: “Oh, they should drop the charges” just because it’s been 30 years. If he wasn’t Roman Polanski, would people be doing that? He had sex with a 13 year old: I don’t think so. Hello?

Tricia Kenney: It’s the same thing with those German officers. I don’t care how many years have gone by, and how old you are now. What you did was still wrong and you still should be held accountable for that.

Sharon daVanport: Right. And I was really surprised at some of the people in Hollywood who were saying: “We need to just drop these charges.” They’re trying to say that even the victim says she just wants to move on. Well, a lot of victims do. They just want it to be done with it; but it’s not up to them. It’s the law, and I think that he should be prosecuted. I really do.

Sorry but comparing Polanski to german officers or Nazis???  I think that's pushing the envelope a bit much (and I'm being sarcastic here), don't you? 

And saying that the victim's voice means nothing??? 

If it hasn't been bad enough that most of these people do not actually know the details of the case, now we hear this???

Here's to hoping that the Geimer and Polanski will have the upper hand!

I reported on Dennis Hopper the other day. I still do not know if Sharon and Roman knew him but here is the latest on him: