Sunday, January 10, 2010

Photo Comparison of the Week, Polanski Article, and Book Called The True Story of Sharon Tate ?

Here is the photo comparison of the week:

It is an ad for Estee Lauder 's Sensuous Perfume from British Vogue...

And it reminds me of this photo of Sharon...

Here is a great defensive article on Polanski:

And has anyone ever heard of a book called "The True Story of Sharon Tate" by Rick Boyd? I found another book by him on ebay here and it says he wrote such a biography:

I had the above translated and it says:

Rick Boyd was born in Novi Ligure, near Alexandria, and lives in Ostia (Rome). He published The True Story of Sharon Tate, and a collection of his poems called The Boat Alone and Nude Beach and the story Terror in the Mud. As an actor, has worked in both theater and cinema, getting prestigious awards.

I also found out he is widely known to play the bad guy in many Italian westerns.  The book of Tate was published by Sallustiana Publishing.

Here it says the book on Tate was published in 1991:

Futhermore, according to the Internet Movie Data Base he is known in Italy as actor Federico Boido and here is a list of his films there:

Does anyone know anything about this book?

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