Monday, January 4, 2010

Sharon Tate and Wende Wagner, Real Sharon Tate Autograph for Sale, and Sharon Fashionable in Sunglasses

Here is another short piece on Sharon that also included her friend Wende Wagner:

Movieland and TV Time Magazine January 1967

The Host with the Most (showing celebrities at a party):

Sharon Tate (who looks so good in bathing suits) wore a man's type suit and a new hairdo which caught Richard Harris ' eye.  He's in "Camelot."

That steady twosome, Wende Wagner and Jim Mitchum had some private thoughts!  Wende loves doing "The Green Hornet."

Here is authentic Sharon Tate autograph that is up for auction now:

Sharon looking cool in sunglasses:

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  1. Wow. Nice party candids in that magazine.

    A signed agency contract is a great resource for comparing celebrity autographs. It's a nice example, too.

    The Sharon in sunglasses photo is a jaw dropper. Now that's an icon. Thank You, Mike.