Thursday, January 14, 2010

Another Translated Sharon Tate Article and Interview: Spain thought her to be the next great star along with Faye Dunaway!

From Diez Minutos 12-21-1968 Number 904

Sharon Tate, the greatest revelation in Hollywood along with Faye Dunaway.

Each year there appears in Hollywood film studios in all the world, dozens of girls who dream of success. All, or at least most, have sexy bodies and many of them splendid talent.  But the majority of them shine only some solitary evenings.
Sharon Tate speaks slowly with a sweet and sophisticated voice.  She looks like she gets what she wants but she says she is still fighting for good roles and will keep on fighting for them.
The current wife of Roman Polanski, like many other dozens of girls, came to Hollywood to become a star.  But within weeks she was disappointed...
Question: What was your first big break?
Sharon:  In "The Valley of the Dolls." 
This movie has shot to fame, then another important role in "The Wrecking Crew" with Dean Martin is expected to do well. 
Hollywood has been in need of some beauties for their films as many of the great divas of the past have been disappearing.  Last year we had the revelation of two big names: Faye Dunaway and Sharon Tate.
Question:  Sharon, are you enthusiastic about becoming a Hollywood star?

Sharon:  "I would be lying if I said no.  I like the fame that my name and face are known everywhere. Hollywood is in need of major actresses to meet the fierce competition of European cinema. Of course I also like being a good actress and I think I am as I have shown."
Sharon knows how to move well before the camera.  She is sophisticated and gives all her extraordinary beauty to the camera, as she is shown to be very photogenic.
She is also an outdoorsy girl who likes to listen to modern music.

The photo captions read:  "There are many who could be genuinely talented and not come to anything because they lack the proper launch for their careers."  Sharon says this, thinking of her start in films.

Sharon Tate, along with Faye Dunaway -- the famous protagonist in 'Bonnie and Clyde' - has been the great revelation of the year in Hollywood. Her physical beauty has helped her gain 'stardom.'
I found this link mentioning many Famous Polish Celebrities including Roman Polanski. They also mention Pola Negri, Stefanie Powers, Loretta Swit, Pat Benetar, Bobby Vinton and Richie Sambora among others:

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  1. Excellent translated Spanish to English article. I never would have had the chance to read this since I only speak English. Thanks, Mike! It's new for me, too.