Monday, January 25, 2010

Philippe Forquet and Sharon, Great Sharon Tate Photos, Another Star from the Sixties Passes

I saw this on a web page for Forquet:

Philippe Forquet

He fell in love with Sharon Tate, who was also a young contract player at Fox and they became formally engaged. This interfered with the plans a certain well-known producer had for Sharon, including some romantic ones, and the proud young Frenchman locked horns with some pretty powerful people. He made some very influential enemies and was the victim of a largely made-up negative publicity campaign aaying that he had raped and beaten Sharon Tate. These allegations were never proven (as is mentioned in Biography Channel`s bio of Sharon Tate.)

Philippe couldn`t deal with the culture shock of Hollywood of the Sixties. Discouraged and brokenhearted, the sensitive young actor moved to New York and studied at the Actor`s Studio. His friends were the literary crowd, well-known writers of books, and Broadway plays. His family was demanding that he return home and in 1966 he acquiesced vowing never to return to Hollywood unless they sent for him.

Linda Morand

Does anyone know who the producer is?  Also, I have heard that there was once an interview with Forquet's ex-wife, Linda Morand on the internet that discussed Sharon but it is no longer there?  Does anyone know anything about this?   Please email me a link or a copy if possible?

This past weekend some other fans posted some great pictures of Sharon in honor of her birthday:

Polanski to make appeal:

Bonanza Star Pernell Roberts has passed. RIP to him.  Here is the news on this:

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