Monday, January 18, 2010

The New House in Cielo's Place, Sharon Tate 's signature sells for High Dollar and more

Architectural Digest for the month of February has a special section that Sharon Tate fans might find interesting...

It has photos of the newly renovated Villa Bella showing not only the outside but the inside as well.  The most interesting part of the article is not even there--the writers never say it was once where Sharon Tate lived and that her house (10050 Cielo Drive) was torn down and now this house is the one that exists there:

Read on about the renovation and watch a slide show on how the house looks now on the inside:

For more history of the original house:,_Benedict_Canyon,_Los_Angeles

Sharon's signature on a vintage contract sold for US $2,178.00 from this Auction House:

If you haven't seen the trailer for Polanski's The Ghost Writer here it is:

And here a fan mentions loving Sharon and her movies:

I've also had a craving for old movies lately, especially those with Sharon Tate. Hey! It's not creepy! I really like her. So, what if the only way I found out about her was through coming across something about the Manson Family that spiraled into a thirst for any information on that case. Pffffft! She's beautiful and I love watching her.

Here is her blog:
We couldn't agree more!


  1. This blog continues to impress me. Thanks for all the great reading.

    I like what blogger yarn-pixie stated. I couldn't have said it better.

  2. I wish they had kept the original house & not have torn it down.. It was gorgeous .. I can see why Sharon loved it