Sunday, January 17, 2010

Photo Comparison of the Week, One of the Last Photos Taken of Sharon Tate 's House and Johnny Depp Defends Polanski

I found this photo in the February issue of Town & Country magazine.  It reminds me of Sharon's easy, breezy beautiful style , smile and personality:

Here is one the last photos taken of Sharon's house before it was torn down:

Johnny Depp apparently defended Polanski in a recent interview with a Siberian magazine saying:

"I really do not understand why he was arrested now and in such a manner. That case took place thirty years ago. It's obvious that something is going on, and that it's about a lot of money. All I can say is that Roman Polanski is not a predator. He is a great man, who has a wonderful wife and kids, and he certainly isn't a street urchin who would do something bad to someone."

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