Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Girl in the Red Dress Is Not Sharon, Sharon on Vintage Tabloid Magazine, New Auction for Sharon and Roman Pic, Roman Polanski and Sigourney Weaver Rumors? And some great photos from ebay this week.

A nice girl sent me this lobby card she has from "Rosemary's Baby" showing the supposed 'girl in the red dress' that has been rumored to be Sharon since it was indicated on the Internet Movie Database some time ago.  However, if you look closely you'll see this is not Sharon.

A sexy photo of Sharon is seen here on this page:

Here's a new auction for photo of Sharon and Roman:

It's the one above.

Here is a nice autographed vintage letter from Sharon that went for $3, 909.00! :

Polanski and Sigourney Weaver had an affair?

And here are some great photos that have been on Ebay recently:

Hope everyone is doing okay! ;)

Friday, February 11, 2011

New Vintage Sharon Article Translated, One of Sharon's friends is the center of another article, More photos of Sharon, Another Letter from Sharon, and Sharon mentioned wearing one of the 10 best outfits in Movie History

This is an article granted to me by our wonderful contributor, Andrea!


Paris is no luck for Sharon Tate and her young husband director Roman Polanski.

A few months ago in the Capitol of France, Polanski was attacked by a few

aggressors, and lost a tooth while he was walking with his wife by the river Seine.

Their last visit to Paris has invited some misfortunes again.

Young married couple had a bad quarrel in a restaurant.

Polanski must have gone too far, so that he left Sharon at a restaurant crying and she took the first taxi she met.

People who go around wearing mini skirts should behave properly all the time.

Someone who gets angry and loses control, may meet some unpleasant surprises.

This was the same for Sharon. She did not realize that she had bended too much while she was getting into

the taxi.  She just saw the photographer after settling down and tried to smile.

Her smiling photo was on the newspapers of the day after, with the other two.

In the morning; seeing her "terrible" photos on the newspapers, should have affected the beautiful star's mood badly, so that she failed because of not paying attention to the last step of the stairs while she was leaving the hotel same day.

*Kind of an odd article but then again it looks like it came from a Turkish magazine and I don't think Turkey probably took to kind to people wearing mini skirts and such so maybe that is why they chastizied her for it.  And also, if this was suppose to be the same day she 'cried' over Polanski, then why is she seen happy and smiling here?  Just one more thing to add; I seriously doubt Sharon felt too terrible about these photos in the paper.  Sharon was prone to wearing the shortest mini skirts and was not ashamed of the body.  So... um, whatever, I suppose? 

Here is an article on one of Sharon's friends, Maxine Leighton:

Here are some great links for more photos of Sharon:

It seems since Heritage Auctions posted and sold some of Sharon's old letters recently that many of them are popping up on the net:
This letter comes from:

Here is another mention of stylish Sharon:

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sorry I have not been on lately and some news about the new Sharon biography

Sorry I have not been on lately.  My girlfriend and I broke up and things have not been good lately.

Anyway, some news on Sharon... There is a new biography of her that was suppose to be released this month called Sharon Tate: The Life of a Victim.  It is now pushed back to October 22, 2011 and has been changed to Sharon Tate: The Biography by Ed Sanders who wrote The Family. 

I will try to be back soon but for awhile I will probably just do a once a week sort of thing. It is very hard to come up with something everyday, even though I enjoy searching for Sharon (don't get me wrong).  So for the time being as things are, I think it would be better for a weekly sort of thing.  Plus it would probably be easier for fans to keep up with so much on the internet these days.

Thanks, in advance, for your understanding and support.  Here are a few rare pix from ebay for the fans:

And here's a great rare photo of Carole Lombard one of Sharon's favorite actresses: