Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sorry I have not been on lately and some news about the new Sharon biography

Sorry I have not been on lately.  My girlfriend and I broke up and things have not been good lately.

Anyway, some news on Sharon... There is a new biography of her that was suppose to be released this month called Sharon Tate: The Life of a Victim.  It is now pushed back to October 22, 2011 and has been changed to Sharon Tate: The Biography by Ed Sanders who wrote The Family. 

I will try to be back soon but for awhile I will probably just do a once a week sort of thing. It is very hard to come up with something everyday, even though I enjoy searching for Sharon (don't get me wrong).  So for the time being as things are, I think it would be better for a weekly sort of thing.  Plus it would probably be easier for fans to keep up with so much on the internet these days.

Thanks, in advance, for your understanding and support.  Here are a few rare pix from ebay for the fans:

And here's a great rare photo of Carole Lombard one of Sharon's favorite actresses:

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  1. I love your stuff about Sharon! I've got some pics scanned from a book I have about her from Australia that I'd like to submit to you. Let me know how.