Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Girl in the Red Dress Is Not Sharon, Sharon on Vintage Tabloid Magazine, New Auction for Sharon and Roman Pic, Roman Polanski and Sigourney Weaver Rumors? And some great photos from ebay this week.

A nice girl sent me this lobby card she has from "Rosemary's Baby" showing the supposed 'girl in the red dress' that has been rumored to be Sharon since it was indicated on the Internet Movie Database some time ago.  However, if you look closely you'll see this is not Sharon.

A sexy photo of Sharon is seen here on this page:

Here's a new auction for photo of Sharon and Roman:

It's the one above.

Here is a nice autographed vintage letter from Sharon that went for $3, 909.00! :

Polanski and Sigourney Weaver had an affair?

And here are some great photos that have been on Ebay recently:

Hope everyone is doing okay! ;)

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