Friday, January 1, 2010

America's Answer to Brigitte Bardot: Sharon Tate Article and How Polanski Spent New Years

A nice short article with new quotes from Sharon:

Grand Hotel June 18, 1966 Italian magazine

Sharon Tate will be the BB "Made in USA" by Gio Dragone

She will be the revelation of the year, the most sensational explosion in movies since Ursula Andress.  Sharon Tate, "built" very carefully by experts in Hollywood, is conscious of the enormous responsibility that is about to be put on her shoulders.  But she is prepared to bear the brunt of worldwide popularity.  Think of the wonderful career that awaits her but it has not gone to her head.  She says: "Even if I end up making as much as Liz Taylor I will not do crazy things.  I'll build a ranch were I will live very isolated.  I'm used to loneliness. For three years I was locked away like in a cocoon.  Now I am opened up to the world in a more fascinating way than any woman could wish for. But I hope to stay as I am now, no nonsense and no false pretense." While filming a movie in France with David Niven and Kim Novak, Sharon responded to a reporter: "There is a desire that I will try to fulfill: to have a fast sports car, when I have the money. Who knows when that will be?"  This demonstrates another aspect of her character--tenacious and patient. 

Sharon Tate, 19 years old, blonde, is the American BB. She has not yet appeared on the movie screens but she is already in motion by the massive publicity machine of Hollywood.  Discovered by Samuel Goldwyn, she was immediately hired and put on a contract lasting seven years. For three years, Sharon has done nothing but study.  When she was deemed ready, she had a great beginning: she starred opposite Kim Novak and David Niven in "The Devil's Eye." Sharon Tate speaks and writes fluent French and Italian. She was insured for a million dollars. In the picture we see in the middle she is with David Niven.
Here is how Polanski spent New Years:

WASHINGTON - Roman Polanski will have a lack lustre new year party with only his family and few friends attending.

The Rosemary Baby’s director is presently serving house arrest in his luxury ski chalet in Gstaad, Switzerland, in connection with a three-decade-old child sex case.

“His wife, Emmanuelle Seigner, has been spotted out in the town shopping for his favorite food and cheeses, while the champagne and wines have been delivered to the house. He’s planning a small family dinner for New Year’s Eve with possibly one or two other friends,” the New York Post quoted a source, as saying. (ANI)

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  1. Great article with new comments from Sharon. Love how she wanted a fast sports car if and when the money came to buy one. And how she would someday build a ranch where she'd live very isolated. Sharon had great taste all around. Thanks for sharing this.