Sunday, January 31, 2010

Quote of the Week, Another Translated Article: Sharon Tate Knew Her Child Was a Boy and More on the Polanski Case

I thought I would start a quote of the week.  It will be by someone who knew Sharon, or by Sharon herself, or a quote that makes you think of her.
First one:  "She was nineteen years old, she was absolutely beautiful. I mean Sharon was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen."--Martin Ransohoff

Part of the translated article I referred to earlier:

Novella 2000 August 21, 1969

The terrible death of Sharon Tate, the most beautiful of Hollywood (Part I)

They killed the baby she was carrying

Bel Air, among the most elegant neighborhoods of the "Mecca of cinema," was the scene of a crime unprecedented five people were brutally killed, their bodies were desecrated. Among the victims, the actress Sharon Tate, who was to be a mother within the month.
By Paolo Pietroni
She spoke often of her child. Two months ago, Sharon Tate was at the sixth month of pregnancy. She was in London filming the latest scenes of her fifth film, Thirteen, and the 'belly' was so obvious that the director Lucignani was forced to devise special optical tricks to hide it.
And so she showed. "It will be a male, I know, I feel it," she told Vittorio Gassman, to Orson Welles, Terry Thomas, to all friends of the crew. And she said the usual things that mothers say. That the child must look like her in looks but as for the brain it had to be just like his father--as smart as his father. And sometimes, during pauses in work, it was easy to see Sharon in a corner talking to herself. It seemed that she spoke to her baby. Instead she spoke to her son as if he was already born. And she spoke as if he were already large and needed her advice. Once they heard her say, "You can be fat as Orson Welles, my friend. But only if you're talented like him. Otherwise, you will not eat much."
"She always spoke to him in the masculine," recalls the director Luciano Lucignani. "She was one hundred percent sure it was a male. She also accepted bets on it."
Sunday Aug. 10 in Los Angeles, the morgue, the coroner Thomas Noguchi has done the autopsy on the body of Sharon Tate, assassinanted the night between Friday 8 and Saturday 9 August. Thomas Noguchi announced that the baby that the actress had carried was that of a male.

More coming...
Polanski appeal may take a year?

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  1. This article is important. Sharon knew her child was a boy. At least she felt so. And her director Luciano Lucignani recalled Sharon talking to her child only in the masculine; even taking friendly bets with the crew on the sex of the baby. I've heard before how Sharon jokingly told someone something like what if the baby got Roman's looks and her brains? We know that Sharon was bright and Roman was handsome enough so their child would have been exceptional. Of course, it's sad to think of all that's lost. Sharon would have been the best mama and she had so much loving support in family & friends.