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British Vogue Short Photo Article on Sharon and Roman,Dennis Hopper Tragedy, 1960s Fab Hair Styles and Sharon Tate Videos

This is a nice short article from British Vogue November 2003:

People in Vogue

Over the years, Vogue has photographed many of the world's scene-setters.  It has captured them on the brink of fame, or at the height of it.  Now, Robin Derrick and Robin Muir have collected these images in a new book, "People in Vogue: A Century of Portraits."  It's a unique record of those whose talent has sealed them in our memories for decades; a stunning group of portraits by top photographers, made all the more fascinating with the benefit of hindsight.  See for yourself...

(There is a variety of celebrities shown including: Sophia Loren, Lauren Bacall, Humphrey Bogart, Britt Ekland, Marianne Faithfull, Bob Dylan, Mia Farrow and Ava Gardner among others.)

It also shows Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate by David Bailey circa 1969 and says:

The Polish film-maker earmarked Sharon Tate for his baroque fantasy The Fearless Vampire Killers after glimpsing her on location for another cult oddity, Eye of the Devil.  They married in 1968 in London (the reception was held at the Playboy Club) and they became a gilded Hollywood couple.  The year this portrait was taken, in Beverly Hills, members of the Charles Manson "family" murdered Tate, eight months pregnant with her first child.  "Anyone who is interested in the history of the Sixites and the Permissive Society," wrote Peter Evans in the book Goodbye Baby and Amen, "must consider the Polanskis.  They knew very well the excitement, the miseries, the happiness and the fear of the times."

I heard some very sad news that Dennis Hopper is losing his battle with prostrate cancer and is in his final days.  My thoughts and prayers go with him and his family at this difficult time.  I can't imagine that with all the people that Roman and Sharon knew back then that they didn't know him.  I know they knew Peter and Jane Fonda.  Peter and Dennis were great friends and so I am assuming they knew Hopper as well.

Other news:

Wanna have 1960s hair?  Here are Sharon and a few other great ladies who show off their classic cuts:


Here are a couple of tribute videos to Sharon:



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