Friday, December 18, 2009

Photo of the Week and Another Article on Sharon Tate

Here is the photo of the week of Sharon holding her new puppy by a Christmas tree:

Note on this photo session:  This was Sharon's first Christmas spent in England during the production of "Eye of the Devil".  The puppy's name is Guiness and the then four month old Yorkshire Terrier was a gift to Sharon from the production team of the film.  The photo session was photographed by Stephan C. Archetti.

Another short article on Sharon:

TV and Movie Play magazine for April 1968

Sharon Tate: Why She Prefers Love Without Marriage by Joan Selig

Remember that old refrain: Love and marriage, love and marriage. Go together like a horse and carriage?

Not for Sharon Tate, they don't. Sharon has her own ideas on love, sex and marriage. And they aren't conventional.

Lots of actesses have had affairs. But generally, they pretend it's just friendship or dates. And some Hollywood dames with uncounted "Friendships" maintain the utmost air of propriety.

Not so for Sharon Tate.  Sharon is different.  She confessed to living with director Roman Polanski to a reporter for a national magazine.  And another national mag featured her posing on a bed "in a house which Polish director Roman Polanski rents for her."  Presumably with visiting priviliges.  Yet, why does Sharon prefer this "arrangement."  Why be a mistress instead of a wife?  Are she and Roman unable to marry?  They are both quite eligible.

Sharon has never married. Polanski is divorced from his first wife, a Polish actress.

Don't they love each other?

Quite the contrary, she and Polanski are very much in love and more devoted than many of the legally married couples in Hollywood. They are truly inseparable. Whether simply relaxing at home or on the town, they're always together. In fact, no one ever sees either of them with another date. And that is a bit of a record in this town.

Why then, since she and Roman love each other and there are no legal barriers--why then doesn't Sharon rush her man to the altar?

The answer is that Sharon wants to be a sex goddess- a super star. And she appears to be going the whole route.

Sharon evidently doesn't believe in hiding her beautiful body.She posed semi-nude for that famous mens magazine and she does completely nude scenes(well, she does have those teeny weeny bikini panties) in Valley of the Dolls. Real sexy scenes, like rolling over and over in bed.

The nudity bit is part of the standard sex goddess buildup. Brigitte Bardot, the late Marilyn Monroe, Jane Fonda-- you name the star and she's taken off her clothes. (Interestingly enough, Raquel Welch, who has superb natural endowments but who refuses to wear less than a scanty bikini hasn't made it to super stardom.)

The article shows a photo of Sharon and has a caption that reads:

Sharon plays Jennifer North, the doomed Monroe-like super-sex-star. But she wants to be a real-life goddess as well. Will she pay the same tragic price?

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. Merry Christmas, dear Sharon and Guiness. If angels exist, surely they are ones.