Wednesday, December 9, 2009

British Vogue December 2009: Sharon's friend Joan Collins talks jewelry

There is a unique new article called "The Seven Wonders of Fashion" in the December issue of British Vogue.  It includes short articles by the likes of Charlotte Rampling and Helena Bonham-Carter on various fashion pieces that have endured the test of time. 

I wanted to start on one called "The Earring" by one of Sharon's friends, Actress Joan Collins, while showcasing our lovely Sharon in some earring fashions to represent it:

Joan Collins: Says good things come in pairs

I believe that earrings are the most flattering jewellery a woman can wear.  Nothing looks more glamorous than a pair of glittering diamonds.

 Sharon wearing lovely diamond and pearl earrings for "Valley of the Dolls."

My fascination with them started while watching the opulent Technicolor sand n' sandals movies of old Hollywood.  The bigger the better--they bobbed and bounced against the leading ladies' powdered cheeks.  I would marvel at how gorgeous and exotic the actresses appeared with their gem-encrusted ruby and emerald ear adornments.

Sharon wearing hoop earrings.

I purchased my first--big gold hoops--from a street-market stall at the age of 15, although my father refused to let me wear them because I was "too young."  I now posess several hundred pairs, some real, some fabulous fakes.  Sadly, because I travel so much, I often find one missing.  The Duchess of Windsor always had an extra earring made, so the loss of one wouldn't be so tragic.  I have several boxes filled with single earrings because, ever the optimist, I feel they will one day turn up and I can't throw them away.

Sharon wearing more great loop earrings above and here again in "Valley of the Dolls."

I love to look at the collection I amassed during my Dynasty days.  They were magnificently huge, opulent and massive.  Some were so heavy, I could only wear them during the scene and had to remove them when not shooting.  Strangely, today, most of these have come back into fashion and don't at all look dated.

 Sharon wearing big beautiful earrings for a fashion shoot.

I couldn't agree more with the vintage ones on Sharon. ;)

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