Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New Vintage Article on Sharon and her first big feature: Plus more Sharon Tate links!

Melissa from Canada has been so kind to send me a few articles she has on Sharon from Newspapers.  Here is the first one of the series:

TriCity Herald Richland Washington Sunday September 5, 1965

Former Tri-Citan to Star in Movie with Kim Novak

One-time Richland High School beauty Sharon Tate has begun a film career by co-starring with Kim Novak.

According to movie columnist Shelia Graham, blonde, blue eyed, 22 year-old Sharon will co-star in Producer Martin Ransohoff's newest production, "13."

Sharon is no stranger to spotlights.  At the age of 16, while a student at Columbia High, she was chosen both Miss Richland of the 1959 Atomic Frontier Days and Miss Autorama of 1958-59.

In 1959, Sharon followed her family to Italy, where her father, Maj. Paul J. Tate had been reassigned after his tour of duty at Camp Hanford.  While in Verona, Italy, Sharon met actor Richard Beymer, who was on  location in the Italian city.  Beymer said she should be in modeling or acting, and asked her to look him up if she got to Hollywood.

Sharon explained to Shelia Graham how she met producer Ransohoff: "My father was transferred to Los Angeles, but Richard was in New York, so he put me in touch with his agent.  I was going to be a model because I always looked pretty.  The agent took me to Mrs. Ransohoff to do some commercials.  Instead, Mr. Ransohoff put me under contract for seven years and decided to groom me for stardom."

Between her first meeting with Ransohoff and her part in "13," Sharon had two years of study, hard work and relative obscurity.  She got acting experience in television's "The Beverly Hillbillies," as secretary to Jane Hathaway, who, in turn, is secretary to the banker, Mr. Drysdale. 

She also has been tagged to play the part of Jane in a new series of Tarzan films to star veteran Los Angeles Rams line backer, Mike Henry. 

News on Polanski:


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  2. That's a great, rare newspaper article. Thanks, Melissa & Mike!!