Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sharon Tate: Glamour is a Personal Thing and British Vogue Summer's Beauty

Here is another great vintage article on Sharon from Melissa:

The Salt Lake Tribune Sunday September 25, 1966

By Lydia Lane

Glamour is a Personal Thing

Hollywood--"There are no set rules about glamour," Sharon Tate replied to my opening question.  "It is a personal thing, built around qualities you feel are your best.

"When your idea about yourself changes, your approach to glamour must change."

At the moment Sharon's glamour has a goal of naturalness.  "But don't let this I-don't-do-anything look deceive you.  There is no glamour without giving painstaking effort to every detail.  What little makeup I wear is applied so that every bit counts.

"When I was growing up I used to brush my lashes with petroleum jelly, and this stimulated their growth.  I keep them from breaking by always removing my mascara with special remover pads that come soaked in oil which I get at a drugstore."

For her complexion Sharon uses avocado oil which she buys in a health store.  "I like the way it makes my skin feel."

As a final step in building glamour Sharon recommends keeping your hair clean and well-brushed.  "I don't care for stylized hair designs.  All those pieces of artificial hair piled up often throw the body out of proportion and overpower the personality."

And here is another short article from British Vogue April 1, 1966:

Hair by Leighton above.

This Summer's Beauty Certainties

Romantic simple hairstyle for evening, left (on Tate), by Harold Leighton.   The hair is brushed smoothly back and tied with a starred almond pink chiffon scarf and rose.  The swish of hair that falls nearly to the waist is an eye-deceiving extra.  Scarf at Liberty.  At right, (last photo) Leonard gives the hair the full romantic treatment for summer evenings.  The hair, center-parted, is swept up, back and down; from the crown to the shoulders it falls in a thick smooth plait studded with camellias.  Heroine for the romantic hair-dos is Sharon Tate, blonde, 23, she recently finished filming in "I the Devil" (with David Niven, Donald Pleasance, Flora Robson, Emlyn Williams), is now working on "The Vampire Killers."

Here is the top part of the article above.

Funny, I never heard "Eye of the Devil" as "I the Devil".  Must be a miss-print or whoever took down the title didn't hear correctly.  But that's one thing that makes these tidbit articles so interesting and fun.  And I guess Sharon didn't mind artificial hair if it was done professionally for photo shoots.  One has to admit that when she was out on the town she did her hair in a much more simple way without any hair additions of any kind.

Last photo of hair by Leonard.


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