Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New Book Coming Out About "Valley of the Dolls" Designer Travilla that will include Sharon Tate

Kimberely Ashley is in the process of writing a book about Travilla and it will include Sharon and designing clothes for her for "Valley of the Dolls."  The biography is called "The Gentleman Preferred Dressing the Blonde, the glamorous life of Bill Travilla."

Ashley was very kind to send me a little infomation on the book and two photos, one of Travilla and one of him with Sharon:

This is the information Ashley shared about the book:

"Sharon was one of Bill Travilla's favorite people to work with. He was deeply affected by her death shortly after Valley of the Dolls.  It is premature to reveal any book excerpts yet at this early stage. I am, however, at liberty to share these two images below with you for use on your blog, and would appreciate any mention of our upcoming book and title. Within the book is a chapter that includes stories about filming of The Valley of the Dolls.  The release date will be in early 2011 about a year from now. I appreciate your thoughtfulness in posting an announcement of my book on your blog. I have such continous intense interest in it from people."

She said she will keep us posted on an exact release date.  I am sure all of Travilla's and Sharon's fans will be looking forward to this. 

I also found this information online at this link:


Lon's at the Hermosa (map):

5532 North Palo Cristi Road (Hermosa Inn)
Paradise Valley, AZ 85253
Special Guests: Kimberley Ashley & Robert Black

Friday, January 22, 2010 at 6:30 PM

Hollywood's golden era of fashion is coming to Lon's with "Designing Marilyn: Hollywood's Travilla Glamour." High fashion designers Kimberley Ashley and Robert Black will present the iconic designs of Bill Travilla, best known for creating Marilyn Monroe's illustrious film costumes including the most famous dress in the world - the white halter dress for "The Seven Year Itch" and for television epics including, "Dallas," and "Dynasty."

Kimberley Ashley and Robert Black

Kimberley Ashley, a respected haute couture designer with her own signature line, has outfitted both socialites and celebrities and is a member of the elite Fashion Group International. Author of the Travilla biography, "The Gentleman Preferred Dressing the Blonde: The Glamorous Life of Hollywood's Travilla" and co-author of the upcoming book, "The Legendary Style of Bill Travilla," Ashley has become the single authority on Travilla's life, She also is the founding director of The Ashley Travilla Fashion Foundation.

Robert Black, synonymous with fashion and the most beautiful faces in Phoenix, created the Southwest's top model and talent agency, the FORD/Robert Black Agency. As the acquisitions director for The Ashley Travilla Fashion Foundation, he partnered with Ashley to co-author "The Legendary Style of Bill Travilla." As a long-time collector of vintage fashion, Black recently opened the new upscale vintage boutique, Fashion by Robert Black, in Scottsdale. He also is a member of Fashion Group International.

Bringing to life the golden era of beauty and glamour, a presentation will follow dinner on the design and art of fashion, with a fascinating journey of the Bill Travilla collection. Models from the FORD/Robert Black Agency will provide a private fashion show of Travilla costumes -- some unveiled for the first time -- from The Ashley Travilla Fashion Foundation collection.

The dinner is in partnership with the Ashley Travilla Fashion Foundation.

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  1. I look forward to reading this book on Bill Travilla. Thanks for the heads up!