Saturday, December 19, 2009

Photo Comparison of the Week and More on Sharon Tate Makeup

Here is the photo comparison of the week.  It comes from this link that discusses Sharon Tate style make up by Nars:

Spring 2010: NARS 2010 Makeup Collection…

The Nars Spring 2010 makeup collection is gawgus, but I would expect nothing less. This collection was created by Francois Nars and the spokesmodel is Amber Valletta who was recently featured his anniversary project 15 x 15. This collection reminds me of the late 60’s early 70’s California, very Barbarella and Sharon Tate. One of my favorites from this collection is the nail polish……purple rain. A sparkly bejweled shade that will look so pretty on my fingernails. The creamy shadow duo looks like a keeper as well.

Available January/February 2010 at all NARS counters and

This article was by Lianne Farbes who writes TheMakeupGirl, she is a Beauty Expert, Social Media enthusiast, Project Manager, Web 2.0 cheerleader and she is Always Online.

Be sure to check out Artist Kerstien Matondang 's Happy New Year short film for Sharon.  It's called "Sharon's Magic Bottle of Wine."  Please sign her guestbook and let her know what you think?  :

Another recommendation and nicely written review of Sharon in "The Fearless Vampire Killers" here:

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Coming up this week.... some new to me vintage newspaper articles on Sharon that include interviews with her from another wonderful contributor, Melissa from Canada!  Thanks so much in advance for these Melissa!

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  1. Sharon's Magic Bottle of Wine is totally awesome. Now, I must go purchase a bottle of red wine. Cheers!!