Sunday, December 13, 2009

Photo Comparison of the Week, Marilyn Monroe and Sharon Tate and more

I found a great photo of Sharon were her hair and make up where done up like Marilyn Monroe:

Speaking of these two beautiful ladies, I found many comparisons that they have in common:

Both were great beauties inside and out.  It makes me think of Mia Farrow's quote about Sharon: "She was like a princess in a fairy tale; as beautiful on the inside as she was on the outside."

Until people got to know them better, some thought both Marilyn and Sharon were naive and not very bright.  Both were more intelligent than what was actually known.

Both began as models and moved on to acting.  Likewise, both were also groomed for stardom by the old Hollywood system.

Both had known the Kennedy's: Marilyn knew John and Bobby while Sharon and Roman dined with Bobby Kennedy the night before he was assassinated.

Both adored animals small and great.

Both were also featured nude in Playboy magazine.

Both were well known as hollywood blonde bombshells and sex symbols.  Both of them wanted to go on to more serious work and to be looked at as "serious actresses."

Both were in films written by their husbands; Marilyn in "The Misfits" by Arthur Miller and Sharon "The Fearless Vampire Killers" by Roman Polanski.

Both died tragically in the month of August, both were discovered by their maids and both died in their own homes. 

Both were Studio Club girls, Marilyn stayed there first then Sharon was there 15 years later.

Both wanted children badly but, for different reasons, were not granted that opportunity.  They both had a nuturing nature towards animals and children alike.

Both were in films from 20th Century Fox Studios and Columbia Pictures.

Both had the great William Travilla design clothes for their films.

Both died at an age ending in 6, Marilyn was 36, Sharon was 26.  Both are said to be taken 'before their time.'

Both smoked but quit for different reasons.  Marilyn because it made her teeth yellow and Sharon because Roman didn't like it and shortly after they were married, she became pregnant.

Both had connections to Jean Harlow; Marilyn idolized her as a child and teen and Jay Sebring (Sharon's ex but still great friend) ended up owning the house that Jean had had when she was married to Paul Bern.  Furthermore, when Marilyn married Joe DiMaggio, the couple moved into a home at 508 N. Palm Drive in Beverly Hills next door to Jean Harlow's last home.

Both made motion pictures in London and loved it there.

Both had two siblings: MM had a half brother and sister while Sharon had two sisters.

Both were photographed by Bert Stern in similar poses and camera angles in photo shoots.  And both were photographed by many of the same legendary photographers such as Richard Avedon and Philippe Halsman.

Both preferred the comfort of being barefoot although of course, they did wear shoes.

Both married Jewish men in the their short lifetimes.

Both had Sydney Guillaroff do their hair for a movie.

Both had lived at the Chateau Marmont at one time or another.

Both studied under Lee Strasberg and lived in New York at different times.

Both loved the fashion designer Emilio Pucci and both were buried in that designer's clothes.

Both have become legendary and are more known now than ever.

Both were living in similiarly designed homes when they died. Single story two bedroom houses with a maid's room at the other end of the house. Both houses had pools accessed from the master bedroom.  In addition, the last houses Marilyn and Sharon lived in had been moved into in February month of the year.  Also, both lived in the homes they died in less then six months.

Both died on a Saturday.  Marilyn died on Saturday night, August 4th, 1962. Although she wasn't declared dead until early Sunday morning, August 5th. Coroner's report as well as the accounts of those present place her as having died around 8 pm in the evening. From the accounts available, Sharon died after midnight, probably between 12:30 am; 1 am early Saturday, August 8th, 1969.

Both were having work done on their homes when they died. Marilyn was having her bathroom re-done and updated. Sharon was working on having the maid's room converted into a nursery.

Both had bad relationships with Elizabeth Taylor.  Taylor was never friendly with Marilyn, although now 40 some years later relates an empathy for her in print. When Marilyn was living, Taylor was belittling to her. Once at a party when Marilyn tried to befriend Taylor, Taylor turned to her date and said in a loud voice, "Keep that **** away from me, will ya?" Taylor had Sharon's scenes in "The Sandpiper" cut either over jealousy of the young starlet's beauty or jealousy of her new husband Richard Burton's wandering eye and that he might try to pick up Sharon.

According to the Internet Movie DataBase, Sharon and MM both were around 5' 5' in height.
Both had early bit parts in films where their scenes ended up on the cutting room floor.
CMG now handles both celebrity merchandise legally for Marilyn and Sharon.
Both are burried in California cemeteries.

Both played characters that died in their films; Marilyn Monroe in "Niagara" and Sharon in "Valley of the Dolls."

Both were well known for their great smiles.  MM for her open mouthed smile and Sharon for her often described "Mona Lisa" one.

Both were known to wear glasses.

At the time of their deaths both were big box office, MM was even in development for more roles in films like "What a Way to Go!" and "The Stripper." While Sharon was enjoying box office success with "Valley of the Dolls" and the Matt Helm film, "The Wrecking Crew." In addition, Sharon was in development for major films roles as well with "The Story of O","Tess" and an unknown western Polanski had an idea for.

Both have had songs written about them and performed by rock bands and pop singers.

Both were part of Fellini films in some way: MM was referenced in the dialogue of "La dolce vita" (1960), in the context of dieting. And Sharon and Roman were in "Ciao Frederico" visiting the well known director on the set of a 'making of' documentary.

Both have appeared on European postage stamps.

Both have been portrayed by other actress. MM has had many actresses play her while Sharon has so far had at least three actresses play her in biographical type material.

Upon their deaths, rumors were fueled that there was sloppy handling of evidence in both cases.

Both had to do many takes in the movies they appeared in. Marilyn fumbling her lines of dialogue caused many retakes while Polanski--ever the perfectionist--made Sharon do many retakes on her scenes in "The Fearless Vampire Killers."

Both had ties to director J. Lee Thompson. He was suppose to direct Monroe in "What a Way to Go!" (He was on MM's list of approved directors.) He did direct Sharon in "Eye of the Devil."

Thomas Noguchi performed both Marilyn's and Sharon's autopsies.

Both had connections to Orson Welles. In 1947, while briefly involved with Orson Welles, Marilyn joined Welles in his popular magic stage show, The Mercury Wonder Show, being sawed in half by Welles using the "Buzz Saw" illusion he had previously used on both Rita Hayworth and Marlene Dietrich. Meanwhile, one of the major reasons why Sharon wanted to make what would be her last film, "12 + 1" was the chance to work with the legendary actor/director Welles.

Another two bits of trivia: Martin Ransohoff wanted to make her the next Marilyn Monroe. Sharon even played Jennifer North a tragic blonde character not unlike Monroe herself.
Can anyone think of anything else?  Add a comment and let me know?  It's fun to do comparisons every now and then.

Another great and interesting review of Roman Polanski's "Rosemary's Baby" here:


  1. Sharon was one of Bill Travilla's favorite people to work with. He was deeply affected by her death shortly after Valley of the Dolls. My name is Kimberley Ashley and I am the author of the upcoming biography on Bill Travilla called "The Gentleman Preferred Dressing the Blonde, the glamorous life of Bill Travilla". If Sharons family members want to contact me, I am willing to share some personal photos I have of the two of them.

  2. Now that's a lot of similarities. One that you already know, both Marilyn & Sharon co-starred with actor Tony Curtis. Also, Marilyn and Sharon both moved frequently throughout their lives(this I note having done the same). Thanks, Mike. Outstanding comparisons!

  3. I was going to say the same 2. Sad to say the one I have left is that they were both raped/sexually abused. I would like to think that I could've came up with more since they are my 2 favorites, but I could've never come close to all that's been mentioned. I was thinking of Sinatra/Kennedys & Dennis Wilson/Manson, but I wasn't sure. I think you know what I was getting at.

  4. Hi, I posted the picture of Sharon Tate as Marilyn Monroe on under encanto_sunland and was wondering if that is were you got that picture?