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Sharon Tate... A Woman Deeply In Love

Here is another article from Melissa in Canada.  Thanks again, Melissa!

New Castle News, Saturday, December 9, 1967

Sharon is a Woman Deeply in Love by Dorothy Manners

HOLLYWOOD--The waiter in the Polo Lounge asked her after she ordered wine, "Are you 21?"

"I'm 25," said Sharon Tate seriously, oblivious of the compliment implied.  She looked about 16 in a white two-piece mini dress, black sweater, bare thighs and white boots up to the knee.  

But don't be fooled by the outward appearence of the sex bomb out of 'Valley of the Dolls.'  She's a woman--more importantly, a woman deeply in love--and she doesn't care if Roman Polanski knows it.

"I can't play games," she said.  "I have friends, older women, who tell me I'm foolish to let Roman know how deeply I care about him. They tell me all sorts of things like 'keep a man guessing,' 'men become bored with too much devotion.'  They tell me I am being foolish, well," she shrugged.  "Foolish I am."

The object of this refreshing affection is the 34 year-old director who has created an enormous vogue with his European pictures before coming to Hollywood to direct 'Rosemary's Baby.'  He and Sharon met a little over two years ago. 

Since then, where Roman is, there is Sharon.  When I first met her a year ago when she was making 'Don't Make Waves' with Tony Curtis, she could hardly wait for the picture to be finished so she could join Polanski in Europe.  She had the offer of another picture in Hollywood which she turned down because he couldn't join her.

"But 'Valley of the Dolls' was good timing.  When I started work, Roman had arrived to begin preparation on 'Rosemary's Baby' which worked out beautifully."

"When will the wedding be," I asked.

She looked surprised--as if it mattered.  "Oh, around the end of the year," she reported.

"That's practically here," I reminded her.

"Oh, is it?" she laughed.  I tell you, the girl doesn't know what time or month it is. 

It was high time we got off the love of her life and to something less unsettling--like the work in her life. This, she also loves.

She is quite something to look at as any cameraman in town will tell you.  Her 5' 5" 118 pound figure is almost flawless, her hair is its own ash blonde shade, her eyes hazel and enormous.  Sharon looks so much like a movie star it is not surprising that producer Marty Ransohoff took one look at her two years ago and said to his casting director, "Put that girl under contract."  No test, no nothing.

"It was an easy and yet most difficult way to get started," remembers Sharon.  "I was immediately put into training--rather like a Race horse with no Public exposure on tv or in little theatres, the ususal step - up to a career.  I began a strenuous routine of being coached in singing, dancing, speech, physical culture and, of course, dramatics.  It was very hard work without the rewards of audiences or applause or knowing how the paying customer is reacting to me."  Turns out the reaction is okay.

She was born in Dallas, Texas, the eldest daughter of three girls born to an army intelligence officer.  She barely remembers her birth city because her father was shifted from post to post in the U.S.A.

I wonder what movie Sharon turned down to be able to be with Roman? 

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