Friday, September 24, 2010

Photo of the Week, Kerstien Matondang has new Halloween Homepage Layout! Sharon's friend, Barbara Lewis is back, A New Sharon Blog, and Sharon and Craig's List?

Photo of the week:

A great photo of Sharon by Milton Greene, who also most notably photographed Marilyn Monroe as well as other great stars:

The great artist Kerstien Matondang has come up with a new layout for her Sharon in Art page for Halloween.  Be sure to check it out and keep an eye on her news and updates page:

This is a wonderful drawing Kerstien did of Sharon as Sarah in "The Fearless Vampire Killers" a few years back.

If you would, please also leave Kerstien a message in her guestbook. It takes a lot of time and talented artistry to do what she does.  I'm sure she'd love to her any comments? :

Sharon's friend, Barbara Lewis is back singing:

Why, “Hello Stranger”: Barbara Lewis Is Back!  by BILL DUDLEY

The WAVE has been playing Queen Latifah‘s version of “Hello Stranger” recently, but did you know the song was first written and recorded by a legendary soul singer in the 1960s named Barbara Lewis ? Now in her 60′s, Barbara still has the voice that made her famous.

Barbara appeared at The Gibson Amphitheater last weekend as part of The Ladies of Soul tour along with Deniece Williams, Dorothy Moore, The Emotions, Shirley Brown and more featured.

I loved them all, but I primarily went to see Barbara. As a young kid back in ’63, I went into Studio Records in downtown Oakland looking for new sounds. The knowledgable man at the counter, Guy McKee, turned me on to what he called “a very talented teenager,” being Barbara Lewis. I bought “Hello Stranger” immediately, never knowing it would soon be a national hit and #1 song in the Bay Area. Her big voice was backed by a Hammond organ, and a not yet famous group, The Dells. Barbara soon followed up with “Make Me Your Baby” and “Baby I’m Yours” which are all now considered pop classics.

Barbara slipped out of the music business after an untimely incident in her life back in 1969. She was having dinner with Sharon Tate, just a few hours before she was murdered by The Manson Family. She’s back now touring with the Ladies of Soul around the U.S. and still sounds great. Her voice on ”Make Me Your Baby” and “Hello Stranger” are still two of my all-time favorite female vocals. What are your favorites ?

It must have really devastated her about Sharon's death... So sad...

Another blogger has started their own Sharon blog here:

And Sharon on Craig's List?  Yes, someone is selling a couple of pictures of her there in Kentucky:

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