Thursday, September 16, 2010

Drew Barrymore Dolled Up As Sharon? Catherine Denueve Talks Roman Polanski and More

I think I was right in suspecting Drew Barrymore of copying Sharon's look lately.  In the new Harper's Bazaar she even came up with an idea to do a spread in a sort of "Sharon Tate and Veruschka" style.  Within the pages of the magazine,  you can definitely see the "Valley of the Dolls" inspiration:

Drew admits that the 60s is her favorite fashion era.

Here is the interview from the magazine with Barrymore:

Catherine Deneuve was interviewed recently and asked what it was like to work with Roman Polanski:

"It was one of the most important experiences I’ve had because I was quite young at the time when I did 'Repulsion.' And being a French actress working in London with him, who was a Polish director. We were very separated, you know, from the crew, we were very close and he’s really a director that loves to direct actors, I really listened to him very closely, I was very close to him, very close to him and very close to the film."

In the same interview, Denueve admitted that one of her own favorite actresses was Carole Lombard.  Lombard was also one of Sharon's favorites. 

For more of Denueve's interview go here:

Here are two more art pieces I found on Sharon:

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  1. Wow!!! In the 2nd and 6th pictures from that Bazaar article I can really see Sharon in Drew. It's almost creepy! But beautiful...I think Sharon would be pleased.