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Beauty Trends for Fall That Include Sharon's look, Makeup Artistry Director Says He Would Have Loved to Work with Sharon! and a Great Photo of Sharon and friend Tony Curtis,

According to Glamour magazine these three trends are something to look for this fall and they remind me of Sharon:

Don’t be afraid to wing out your eyeliner

Photo: Mark Leibowitz/DF Studio

Instantly update your eyeliner look this fall by embracing the kinda-cat-eye beauty trend. Try flicking your eyeliner up and out about half an inch on your outer corners. Got a shaky hand? For more precision, but just as much drama, try one in a penlike delivery system (like CoverGirl Line Exact Liquid Liner Pen, $7) and rest your elbow on the sink for added stability.

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As everyone knows, Sharon's use of eyeliner is notorious!

Pump up the volume on your sexy hairstyle

Photo: Mark Leibowitz/DF Studio

Don’t make Marge Simpson or Snooki your beauty icon just yet, but DO add some catwalkworthy height to your hair, like this updo from Vera Wang. To try this fall beauty trend, work a light body booster (like Aveeno Active Naturals Nourish and Style Volumizing Foam, $7.50) into damp hair and blow-dry upside down so roots dry at a 90-degree angle. Then tease hair by holding it taunt and pushing strands in the opposite direction using a fine-tooth comb an inch from the root. (That’s called back-combing.) Smooth the front section of your hair over the back-combed area. If your strands are slippery, spritz in a dry shampoo (try Tresemmé Fresh Start Dry Shampoo, $3.50). Hair still falling flat? Add a headband or scarf to give it a boost from underneath.

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Bing Shopping: Purchase Tresemmé Fresh Start Dry Shampoo
This is also reminiscent of the "Valley of the Dolls" bold up dos.

Show off those big, bold eyebrows

Photo: Mark Leibowitz/DF Studio

Big is beautiful this fall—especially when it comes to your arches, as seen at Prada. Put down the tweezers and fill in sparse areas using a brow pencil that matches your hair color. To avoid the drawn-on effect, blend the color with your natural brow hair using a clean mascara wand (Benefit’s Instant Brow Pencil comes with color on one end and a spooley on the other). Dot liquid concealer or highlighter onto brow bones to hide any stray hairs.
This reminds me of that article 'the girl with the brushed up eyebrows.'  Sharon was one of the first to try this great look.

A Special thanks goes to my girlfriend for finding the Glamour info. ;)

Another blogger noticed this trend to and mentioned Sharon:

In addition, I found this from last fall, reporting on Sharon's look being copied for trends then as well with many even saying her name when speaking about the look:

Sarah Lucero from Stila said:  "The present day Barbie is very feminine, very pretty.  There’s a little bit of Sharon Tate vibe in there. It’s about really clean, shiny, glossy skin and a bright pop of cheek color. The new lip color we’re playing with is a lip vinyl, a long-wear lipgloss called Giggle. It’s very pink, very pretty but not too plasticky. So it’s totally wearable, you can translate it to every day."

Makeup Artist Charlotte Tilbury agreed:  "Present was just like let’s kind of do a Sharon Tate kind of doll version. The past, you gotta make her look a little retro."

Even hairstylist Orlando Pita from T3 had this to say about hair at the time: "voluminous curls, sort of that modern take on 80s kind of curly, lots of hair like Barbie. Valley of the Dolls, Sharon Tate."

Does sound like fall of last year is too much different from this year does it?  It's so nice to hear Sharon's name mentioned without even a tidbit about her tragic demise.  I wish we could hear more articles like this!

And I found this on the net too:

Shawn Peltier

Stila Global Artistry Director Shawn Peltier says he would have loved to work with Sharon:  "I would have loved to have worked with Sharon Tate (late American actress married to Roman Polanski...remember her in Valley of the Dolls?). She had the quintessential 70's look down pat. Gorgeous skin. Eyes in browns and beige and tons of individual faux lashes. Her lips were always beigey apricot/semi-glossy. I would have loved to see her in a soft smoky eye - maybe in a rich khaki (like Stila Golightly) or deep, plummy-rose ( Stila Java or Pigalle)."--This comes from Vogue Austrailia

Here is a great photo that another blogger put up of Sharon and her friend from their film "Don't Make Waves," Tony Curtis:

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