Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Remembering Sharon in Italy, A Way to Get Sharon's Stylish Hair and an OMG Photo of Sharon!!!

This comes from an email sent to me by a contributor here, Andrea.  She originally sent this back in May but I am just now getting back to some of my emails from when I was away.  She actually found some people who knew Sharon back in Italy:
Verona, Italy around the time Sharon would have been there.

I have the neatest story to tell. Last evening I was having dinner with my mom, my son Donovan and 2 of  my mom's long time friends, Joan and Chuck Naegel.

In conversation, Sharon was brought up and Mrs Naegel looked at me and said "We knew her."  Joan is very ill right now, and is undergoing chemotherapy , so I thought maybe she just meant she knew who she was.

She and Chuck said...."No Andrea , we knew her family. In 1961-1963 we were stationed in Italy and so were her parents. We went to a lot of parties and Sharon was always there. We remember her at the time dating one of the local veterinarians. She was so sweet and kind."
Another photo of Verona, Italy.

Joan says then, "Also, me and some other ladies would go over and have coffee with her mother sometimes...we all did that for each other. I remember her having younger sisters. I remember her mother being a little on the heavy side. Her father, was quite handsome."

I was about to lose my mind at this point. I have known these people since I was 12 yrs old when I played competitive softball with their daughter. My parents have remained close friends with them ever since.

I said 'I can't believe you never told me this.' But when I really got into Sharon again , they were out in Texas so it just was never brought up.
Sharon with school mates in Verona, Italy.

I asked them, "So was she as beautiful in person as they all say?"

They both looked at me and at the same time, they said "Almost too beautiful."

Even my 7 yr old son couldn't believe it !  My mom was cracking up because I was shaking as I was writing all of this down !

How cool is that !

As a footnote to this, sadly Mrs. Naegel has since passed away.  May she rest in peace.  Thanks so much to Andrea for sharing this wonderful story!
I found these two photos of actresses Scarlett Johansson and Lauren Conrad.  It reminded me of Sharon's style for 12 + 1 Chairs.  And on one of the websites it said to do this to get this look:
Scarlett Johansson

Lauren Conrad

Sharon in "13 Chairs" or "12 + 1" as it is also known.
Get the Look: Once you've curled everything with a large-barrel curling iron, section out bangs from the rest of your hair. Use the curling iron to "wing" the ends out. Set with hairspray.

Hope that helps the ladies out there who want to achieve that look!
And look at this OMG B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l photo of Sharon!!!

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