Thursday, February 11, 2010

Steve McQueen and Sharon Tate? Immortal Muse and More

Has anyone ever read Darwin Porter's Steve McQueen biography?  In it the book says that Sharon and McQueen had an on again/off again affair.  It also has the rumor that McQueen was invited to Sharon's house on that fateful night in August 1969.

I know McQueen and Sharon were great friends and perhaps they did get together in the early 1960s but I'm not so sure about when she was with Sebring and Polanski.  I've heard Sharon was a one man kind of woman.  Has anyone read the book?

Speaking of the name McQueen, RIP to the fashion designer Alexander McQueen.  Sorry to hear of his passing today at the young age of 40.

Here is a blogger who calls Sharon an 'Immortal Muse', I couldn't agree more:


  1. I haven't read Porter's biography. Wouldn't it have been great if Sharon and Steve had made a film together?

    Very sad about Alexander McQueen. He had just lost his mother and friend. May they rest in peace.

  2. There were many disgusting stories in that book, it's hard to believe that anyone would believe any of that crap.