Sunday, February 28, 2010

Quote of the Week, A Mention of Bruce Lee and Sharon, An Interview with "The Ghost Writers" Olivia Williams and More

Quote of the Week:

Nan Morris-Robinson, friend of Warren Beatty's, on Sharon: "Gene Shacove and I double dated in 1964 with Sharon and Jay, who were going together. Gene and Jay, were both hairdressers and best friends. Jay was a little guy, sassy and fiery, he could do karate. Sharon had been brought into our circle by Richard Beymer. She was Richard's discovery, he got her an agent and introduced her around. I thought Sharon was the sweetest, most angelic creature, one who radiated gentility."

A mention of Bruce Lee and Sharon:

Here is an interview with "The Ghost Writer" star Olivia Williams that mentions Polanski as well:

Here is some rare Sharon memorabilia:

Coming up this week... More translated articles...

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