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More of the Translated Article: Sharon Talks About Polanski, Roman's New Film is a Critical Hit and what Ewan McGregor says about working on the film.

L'Europeo August 21, 1969

My meeting with Sharon Tate

by Adriano Botta

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Sharon colorized art from Deviant Art.

"The critics (for Eye of the Devil), however, admited that my beauty was charged with sexuality.  This at once made me shudder and at the same time excited," says Sharon Tate at the banquet after her marriage. Roman Polanski nodded in a small, dark corner with the pictures of the faces of Mickey Mouse behind him.

She gradually made two other films, The Valley of the Dolls and Don't Make Waves with Tony Curtis and Claudia Cardinale. Then she began echoing her meeting with Polanski for The Fearless Vampire Killers. "It was an encounter that changed everything in my life. I had never before known such a man. I am terribly in love with him. He has taught me many things. Not only to remain naked with joy and ease, but also to live life with more intensity-- I--who am so lazy that I could sleep at night and day.

"It is not true that we take a lot of drugs. To me, Roman is a drug. Next to him I feel drugged. I do not take drugs from his orders.  Instead we go roaring around in a red Ferrari that runs with of the wind. I was ordered not to smoke anymore, because the tobacco, would ruin my teeth. He ordered me not to wear underwear because it leaves marks on the skin. And without the constraints of bourgeois body, it is much more beautiful and natural. In The Fearless Vampire Killers we have made our first film together. I play a bewitching part, or rather, I portray a vampire. At first I am not a vampire though, no, I'm a country girl kidnapped by vampires. Roman, who besides directing the film has a part in it.  He falls in love with me and saves me before all the blood was sucked out of me by the vampires. But she does not get a transfusion. The blood and rigor in the films of Roman. So much so that she leaves the country with this tremendous experience a new taste. The taste of blood. She becomes a vampire and changes him into one too. The finish is spectacular. I grow teeth like Dracula. I must confess: I like the macabre Roman does.  It is exciting to me.  He is a macabre genius."

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Polanski is getting some great reviews for "The Ghost Writer:"

This one is by famous critic Kenneth Turan of 'The Los Angeles Times' :,0,5640884.story

This critic is already talking about Oscars for next year for Polanski's film:

Ewan McGregor on Polanski:

Sorry mainstream media. Ewan McGregor, star of the Roman Polanski thriller “The Ghost Writer,” knows that you want him to dish on the 76-year-old director, who’s currently under house arrest in Switzerland stemming from a 1977 sex-charge case. But he’s not biting. The actor, who plays an unnamed author hired to ghost-write a memoir for a disgraced ex-British prime minister, said he sympathizes with Polanski and feels bad for him, but that’s the furthest he’ll go.

“It’s very tricky because his whole situation is so complicated and nothing to do with me,” he said. “I worked intensely with him for four months and I felt badly for this children, whom I got to know during the shoot.”

McGregor talks more about working with Polanski in this article and it shows a clip from the film:

The Wall Street Journal: It's hard to talk about "The Ghost Writer" outside the context of Mr. Polanski's troubles. Is that fair to the film?

Mr. McGregor: I think the film is a much heavier political story than it is a commentary on Polanski's life. He really seems like a very self-assured person to me who doesn't need to make a comment on his life through his films...Polanski seems terribly private. He wasn't with us at the launch of the film [in Berlin] but quite probably, he wouldn't want be there anyway.

Mr. Polanski is notoriously direct with actors while on set. Did you find him as gruff as advertised?

He doesn't sugarcoat his notes. Most directors would tell you, "That was great, but let's try it like this." He'll just stop you mid-take and go "No no no—why are playing it like this?" and you'll just look back and be like, "I don't know, good question." We're sensitive souls, us actors, and after a while, it dents your ego, but once you realize he's like that with the set dresser and the prop man, and just about everyone, it was OK.
Morgane Polanski.  Makes you wonder what Sharon and Roman's own future daughter might have looked like?  I know their first child was a boy but I have always wondered if they had more...

Note on Polanski's "The Ghost Writer": it has 94 year old Eli Wallach who has remembered Sharon fondly when she was an extra on the film set from the movie, "Hemingway's Adventures of a Young Man."  Also, Polanski's beautiful daughter Morgane playes in her dad's film.  She plays a hotel receptionist trapped in period costume.

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