Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Last Part of the Newest Vintage Translated Article, Sharon Tate: What people remembered about her and how she thought of herself

And now here's what they who knew her had to say

Her mother: "Sharon is the most beautiful girl in the universe. Sometimes I wonder how my husband and I may have created such a wonder."

An instructor from the school of acting: "A beautiful girl in an incredible way. Sometimes, however, seemed made of marble. One day I put a stick in her hand and said, 'Beat me, do something, show emotion, you are a piece of ice!' "

Lee Strasberg (Director of the Actor's Studio): "I remember her, she was a beautiful lady."

Husband Roman Polanski: "In her arms if the world ended...I would die happy."
Enrico Lucherini today.

Her roman publicist Enrico Lucherini: "Her mood would change from hour to hour. She lived as if in a dream and would forget about everything and everyone around her. She was always over-excited and remains a woman constantly on the run, elusive."

Lucignani (director of her latest film): "An excellent professional actress. She seemed very intelligent, different from the usual diva prefabricated in Hollywood. She had nothing of the witch, witchcraft ,nor anything morbid in nature of the many films her husband made. In the evening she went to bed early and in the morning she got up early because she wanted to be on set ready for filming. I do not know any cool people who are addicted to hippies.  She was not like them. She was exquisite, a true friend in the comradery sense of the word. I kissed her affectionately on the cheek, but I felt that there was not even a shadow of ambiguity. No flirting possible. She was in love with Polanski. Jewish like him, I think. I thought she was, in short, a woman very well balanced. Her beauty was not only on the outside but also from within. "

What she said about herself

"They tried to make me into a 'dumb blonde'. They have succeeded in making an image of me like that.  But they are the real stupid ones in Hollywood. They think that an audience wants to see and go delirious for a blonde with shiny lips, large breasts, large buttocks and brain from a hen."

"I am not a strong and aggressive woman. Indeed, I have a pretty sweet character, fluid, and sometimes distracted. I do not think about things too much: I accept everything that happens because it seems a much more easy and natural way to handle life."

"I'm happy to be seen as beautiful.  But I see beauty in others and think of people that way in general."

"Men especially appreciate one thing: imagination in the creative sense of the word."

"My husband has forbidden me to wear underwear. He says that leaves marks on the skin, and that the body of a woman is so much more beautiful and natural, free, with no elastic."

She died, however, with underwear on her. Two parts: a small, intimate bikini. This displeased some people. She was almost a mother. Not for a mother to die like that. Here the bitter shadow of death hangs over her. 
The last part of the article.

Caption under Sharon photo: "The waiting is wonderful." London. Sharon Tate in a recent photo, taken just days before her tragic death. Beside her, the actress had wanted to have the clothes and the lace cap and shoes of wool that she had prepared for her eldest son to be shown in the photo, whose birth was planned for early autumn, Sharon had declared herself happy to be expecting a child: "My husband and I eagerly wanted this baby," she said on several occasions the pretty wife of the director Polanski, "now we feel that our marriage, the love that unites us and our very lives are going to have a complete sense."

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  1. These quotes are all new to me and much appreciated. I really love what Sharon said.
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