Sunday, February 7, 2010

Quote of the Week, The Bealtes and Sharon Tate and More

Quote of the Week by Susan Strasberg:

Actress Susan Strasberg.

"Who could ever forget those huge, evocative hazel almond eyes and that Mona Lisa smile?  What a supreme vision she was."

And here are some great quotes I found by the Bealtes about Sharon:

"Ah, Sharon, it's very hard to talk about her without getting a bit weepy. The word exquisite perfectly sums up this lady. Almost other-worldly, so beautiful and sensitive. But in no way wishy washy, she was smart and not taken in by the shallowness of the industry. Well grounded and natural, very much in tune with her life and very happy when I last saw her in London in 1969. A hideous tragedy her being killed and the grotesque speculation of the press. She was such an innocent and unspoilt by her success. I couldn't recognize any of the Sharon I knew in the newspaper reports. An enormous loss. Too, too sad."--Beatle George Harrison

Ringo felt bad about Sharon's death as well and said:

"It was upsetting. I mean, I knew Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate and - God! - it was a rough time. It stopped everyone in their tracks because suddenly all this violence came out in the midst of all this love and peace and psychedelia. It was pretty miserable, actually, and everyone got really insecure - not just us, not just the rockers, but everyone in LA felt: 'Oh, God, it can happen to anybody.' Thank God they caught the bugger."

I have often heard that the Bealtes felt bad about Sharon's death.  In one of John Lennon's biographies it says Lennon threw a chair and blamed Roman Polanski for the murder of Sharon.  Maybe he was angry because he thought Polanski should have made Sharon stay in London to have her baby?  Does anyone know about this or have any ideas on it?

Footnote: The day the Abbey Road Album cover was taken was on August 8, 1969.

A nice bloggers dedication to Sharon:


  1. I hadn't read any remembrances of Sharon from any of The Beatles before. Nice to read those. And Susan Strasberg's was really nice, too. Thanks, Mike!!

  2. Nice to see that Lennon blamed Roman. I've never been able to stand Lennon. Regardless, Roman paid and paid dearly for wishing his wife to return to her own country of birth to await the birth of his son who he wanted so much to be an American. Look how they treated him?

  3. Lennon blamed Roman? Uh..yeah right. And he threw a chair. Jeez come on. Must have read that in a book written by Albert Goldman.


    I have a blog about Sharon also. Not as good as this one, but I'm trying. I do have lots of pics!