Saturday, February 20, 2010

Photo Comparison of the Week, Time Magazine Article on "The Ghost Writer", David Bailey's Work to be Shown Again and More

We have a wonderful new contributor here.  Her name is Jimena from Mexico.  She sent me these photos of Heidi Klum that are reminiscent of Sharon.  Thanks so much for sharing these, Jimena!

Jimena adds: "Both have a beautiful smile and great legs, looked gorgeous while pregnant and just like Sharon adored Roman, Heidi loves her husband Seal."

Here is an article on "The Ghost Writer" from Time Magazine:

A selling exhibition of David Bailey's iconic images of the 1960s - the 50th anniversary of a decade that changed our cultural history - will be hosted by Bonhams in New Bond Street.

The 'Pure Sixties. Pure Bailey.' exhibition will be on view at Bonhams, 101 New Bond Street, from 7th March – 7th April, 2010.

It will include the famous nude photo of Roman and Sharon together.  Here is more information on that:
Here are some great screen captures I found on a foreign website of Sharon in "The Wrecking Crew":

My best to all of you!

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  1. WOW! Heidi and Sharon are really look- alikes!