Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day to Sharon, New Art from Kerstien, Matt Helm, Lost in the 1960s and More

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!  I found a lovely poem for Sharon.  I wonder if Polanski ever wrote Sharon a poem?

Hazel Eyes (

Your Hazel eyes turn my way

I look at you, thinking of what to say.

you close the distance between us

to stand in front of me.

you tell me my eyes look like an open sea.

Your Hazel eyes are filled with love

a treasure sent from above.

that nothing can ever replace.

You put your hands around my face,

and kiss me gently with no haste.

a kiss I will never ever waste.

Your Hazel eyes smile at me

blinding me so I can't see

drowning in this love you give to me

and you tell me, hearts are the key.

Your Hazel eyes are filled with warmth

cloaking me in a blanket so warm

so that when you leave I shiver from the cold.

but you said, you'll be with me till I'm old

Your Hazel eyes turn my way

Also, Kerstien Matondang, our great artist contributer sent this for me to post for all Sharon fans:

Thanks Kerstien!  Here is her website link:

Here is a lovely photo and more of Sharon and Dean Martin in "The Wrecking Crew":

Here is a girl who loves the 1960s and says she wishes she looked like Sharon:

More on Roman and his new film being reminiscent of Hitchcock:

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