Saturday, February 13, 2010

Photo Comparison of the Week, Sharon Tate and Julianne Moore, Stars before they were famous including Sharon and More on Polanski

Here is the photo comparison of the week:

It is of People Weekly with Celine Dion on the cover.  Her hair and eye make up remind me of Sharon:

Moore in the new Bvlgari Jewelry Ads.

Here is another person who thinks that Julianne Moore is reminiscent of Sharon Tate.  He even says he thinks--that had Sharon lived--she may have had a great acting career like Moores.  The poster says:

"My wife was watching Valley of the Dolls the other night, and I sat down to see what the real Sharon Tate looked like, since I had never seen anything she was in. I was immediately reminded of Julianne Moore, not just in facial looks, but even the scenes were similar to The Hours with Moore taking (or attempting to take) sleeping pills to commit suicide.

"Had that madness never happened with Manson, I can see Sharon Tate having a promising film career, because, from what I could see, she could have had the career that Moore had."

I agree but please ignore some the rude comments he received by some.  Apparently these posters don't have any idea of what Sharon was offered before she passed (Tess, A Untitled Western with Polanski, Le Mans among others?) nor what she was capable of.  :

Stars before they were famous?  Sharon appears here with friend Mia Farrow and two other fine actresses:

Another interesting article on Polanski:

And a review for "The Ghost Writer":

Tomorrow a special treat for Valentine's Day...

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