Monday, April 19, 2010

Sharon Tate Compared to Jean Harlow, Kerstien Matondang and New Video, Rare Sharon Photo, Sharon's Style and More on Polanski

I haven't done one of these for awhile so I thought I'd do another comparison article on Sharon and Jean Harlow:
Jean was born at 5: 40 pm-CST time while Sharon was born at 5:47 pm-CST time (close), but on a different date.

Both were part of the studio system and were designed to show off their sex appeal even though they really could act and do more if the role called for it. 

Both were very close to their mothers who were in turn, very protective of their children.  Their mothers were never the same after their children's deaths.  In addition, both had their mother's laid to rest with them.

Both had kind natures and would give you the shirt off their backs if you needed it.

Both were generous to fans, happily signing autographs and answering fan mail--sending autographs.

Both worked for MGM and 20th Century Fox studios.

Harlow dated Max Baer, Sr while Sharon dated Max Baer, Jr though the second couple were actually more like good friends.
Other sex symbols/blonde bombshells have followed (including Sharon and Marilyn Monroe), but it is Jean Harlow who all others are measured against.

Both adored animals and had dogs.

Both were beautiful and married older men.

Both have been mentioned in song, for instance, Harlow was mentioned in Madonna's 'Vogue' song and Sharon was mentioned in The Aluminum Group song "Miss Tate."  Others have mentioned them in their music as well.

Both starred in bit parts in movies eventually leading to larger roles.

Harlow's first film, "Hell's Angels" was shot twice. Once with another actress as a silent film, then with Harlow as a talkie film.  Sharon had a similiar incident with her first major film when, Kim Novak backed out of filming "Eye of the Devil" and it had to be shot twice, the second time with Deborah Kerr in Novak's role.

Both displayed a talent for comedic performances and had a great sense of humor off camera as well.

Both were continuously on the ascendant in their careers, parts were starting to get better and show more range.

Neither wore underwear; Jean never did and Sharon stopped because she said Polanski didn't want the mark lines to appear on her beautiful body.  In addition, both were photographed in the nude.

Both smoked, Harlow's brand was Fatima while Sharon preferred Tareyton.

Both also appeared in fashion magazines and were cover girls on many of them.

Both lived at a time at the Chateau Marmont, the famous Los Angeles Hotel.  And both lived on Easton Drive in Benedict Canyon: this is where Harlow's husband Paul Bern committed suicide and years later, Jay Sebring bought the house and supposedly Sharon had a premonition there according to this video:

Both died tragically at the age of 26 and were buried in California. 

At the time of their deaths, everyone commented on how loved they were by so many and that neither had any enemies.

Do you have any to add?  Feel free to comment.

Kerstien's new video is ready!  Exciting! Here it is...

A rare lovely new photo of Sharon here:

Sharon's style:

And can't Polanski have a nice afternoon with friends without being critized for it?


  1. Wow, there were many similarities between Sharon & Jean. I wonder if Sharon noted some of these herself. Especially since Sharon spent time at Jean's former address.

    "Ride On, Sharon" is awesome. Kerstien really is talented.

    The press will never leave poor Roman alone, it seems. I would have gone outside on such a day, too.

  2. Hi..I know this may sound like a made up story..but it isn't. Sharon is 8 years older
    than me, we're both Aquarius, my b'day is the
    26th of Jan. hers was the 24th of Jan. We're
    both the same height, build, long blonde hair,
    people always tell me I look like her which is
    the best compliment ever. My sister's name is
    Sharon, she and Sharon Tate share the exact same birthdays, but Tate is 4 years older than
    my sister. My sister was pregnant at the same
    time Tate was pregnant. My sister's baby was
    born 3 months before Sharons beloved baby would have been born. Sharon would of been 67
    years old today and I know still incredibly
    beautiful. I've always dressed in 60's fashions and still do. I was a model when I was younger and still model at times,& still wear
    60's makeup. I've been blessed with great genes cuz I look like I'm in my 40's, not almost 60. But it is very uncanny how Sharon
    and I look alike and when people say, "You
    look like Sharon Tate." I just smile and say
    a big Thank you because I know if I ever did
    know her, we would of been best friends. I was 18 when she was murdered. God Bless her
    and her belated family and to Debra Tate for
    her crusade against ever letting those sick
    maniacs out of prison. Too bad they didn't
    all get the death penalty. Thank you...