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Quote of the Week, Coppertone & Sharon, and "12 + 1" Producer Says that Film was Jinxed from the Start

Here is our quote of the week:
By Warren Beatty:

"I had never seen a woman who could stop traffic with her beauty like Sharon ... and that in a town like Hollywood known for its gorgeous girls."

Kerstien Matondang has made a website for Sharon and her Coppertone ads:

I found this article in the Stars and Stripes Military Newspaper for Saturday, November 29, 1969:

Tate Film Producer Tells of Jinx

LONDON (AP) -- Canadian Film Producer Claude Giroux said Friday that, unless the murderers of Sharon Tate are found, he will release her last film next April.

"If the murderers are discovered then the movie is finished," he said in an interview.  "It's a comedy, and, let's face it and no one wants to watch a comedy when the star has been wiped out in a real-life drama."

Miss Tate and four others were found murdered at her Bel Air home in California last August. 

(Recap of the murder and names of the victims here).

Producer Giroux said the movie had been jinxed from the start.

He said the film, originally titled 'Thirteen,'  had been renamed "12 plus 1" for superstitious reasons.

"Miss Tate said that her first movie had been called 'Thirteen' and she hoped this was not going to be her first and last film," he said.

"We laughed and assured her otherwise, but I changed it to '12 Plus One,' " Giroux said.

Then Giroux related a series of mishaps that hit his movie before he changed it's title.

Giroux said the camera crew when an actor's foot slipped off the break to the accelorator and his car plunged into them. 

Then a young actress fell down steps and broke her jaw. 

An assistant director suffered a heart attack and Italian Actor Vittorio Gassman fell ill with hepatitis.

"You could say that the whole business ceased to be a joke when Miss Tate told me she was pregnant," Giroux said. 

Giroux was in London for his film "Sweet Hunters," at the London Film Festival friday.

"I used to not be superstitious.  But I certainly am now," he said.

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