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New Vintage Translated Article: The Tragedy of Sharon, More Screencaptures from FVK, and More New Books on Polanski

Here is another old article I have gotten translated. It is from our great contributor Andrea!  Thanks so much for this!

Sharon Tate: Her Fate Dealt Death

from Manchette August 1969 (A Portuguese magazine)

It was a beautiful day when the Tate family were joined together to discuss the future of the oldest daughter, Sharon, who had announced the choice to become an actress. The father, Colonel Paul Tate, was against it. The mother, Gwendolyn Tate, accepted it. The two younger daughters, Deborah and Patricia, were divided between whether or not to support the sister but at the same time, wanted to respect their parents.  Sharon insisted between all this that her friend, the actor Richard Beymer, thought she had talent.  Shortly afterwards, with the permission of her family, Sharon Tate began the great travel of her life.  The destiny was success, which surely was near.  But everything happened much too fast.  Sharon--lovely, famous and happy--would become a character of a tragedy that no filmmaker could ever have imagined.

The sexy image that was fabricated was soon to be changed for that of a young mother.

It took little time for Hollywood to start applying the actress for success.  She was the American Brigitte Bardot and Marilyn Monroe 's successor.  In synthesis, a new star.  Fox spent two million dollars to promote her.  But this was not exactly the reward Sharon was needing.  Besides her career, her marriage to Polanski had a big influence on her.  The rich hippie culture of Hollywood would also be present in the final chapter of her history. 
Sharon in front of Paul Bern and Jean Harlow's former home.

A Scenario of happiness would lead to the sad tragedy.

The first meeting with Polanski might not have been stranger.  The young director was in London, preparing to make his film "The Dance of the Vampires"--for which he had not chosen the principal actress yet--when he knew Sharon was walking towards the studio, he looked at her in fashion magazines.  He immediately called the producer of the film: "This is no Hollywood here.  In my movies, I choose the actresses.  Miss Tate must go."  So Sharon left.  But within two hours later, she was called by the director.  Some months later she was receiving another proposal, this one of marriage.  Her life was running with the speed that young persons always pursue.  And happiness would come, after marriage with a baby to be born in September.

At her funeral, hundreds of young people and Hollywood stars went to the cemetery to say a last goodbye to Sharon Tate.

"She was a good person," the Reverand Peter O'Reilly said while she lay in her coffin at the Church of the Sacred Cross, in Inglewood, Los Angeles, opposite to the mausoleum where it would be buried within moments.  "What can we do to make this death have meaning?  We can try to create a better world, for which that this never happens again. Sharon, may the angels take you to Paradise, and the martyrs help to show you the way. " Many friends of the celebrity couple gave the ultimate goodbye to Sharon Tate, like Yul Brynner, Peter Sellars, Kirk Douglas, Joan Collins and Warren Beatty, and great number of other men and women. Inconsolable, Roman Polanski cried during the whole ceremony, he stood beside the mother of Sharon, Mrs. Paul Tate, and of two younger sisters, Patricia and Debra. They all kissed the casket, and each one deposited on her a rose.

Her are the captions by the photos:

This photo so dramatic since the murder of Sharon shows the fact that she was pregnant of eight months and a half. Standing (in the photo, in front of the studio of Fox) she was never so happy as while be preparing to become a mother.
When making "Valley of the Dolls" director Mark Robson said she had great quality on film and was going to be an terrific actress one day. But Sharon cared more about having a family and could care less about the quality of the movie, even though she gained much publicity and had originally had a definite impulse to become actress.

Wearing dark glasses, Roman Polanski cried for the entire length of the funeral and had to be assisted by a doctor. 

Beside the mother and two younger sisters of Sharon (Patricia and Debra), Polanski was comforted by his doctor, Dr. Peter Thomas. He was in Europe when the tragedy took place.

Sharon looks a lot like Catherine Deneuve here.

And here are some more screencaptures from Micaela:

Tammie, another wonderful contributor told me about this new book on Roman:

Here is another strange one I found:

Has anyone read these books?  Any comments?


  1. Hi there Mike! Just wanted to let you know that I just came across your site and I absolutely LOVE it!! I am a HUGE Sharon Tate fan and the way in which you represent her and her incredible beauty are just amazing! Thank you so much for all your time and effort. I look forward to coming back and visiting again and again. Much Love and Sharoness...Mary
    Sharon Marie Tate~May she rest in peace

  2. I see that Roman was truly upset, but I can't understand why he left Sharon alone. She could have had the baby any day at all. She was expecting her first baby and he was not there for her. He let her travel back to the U.S. by ship, alone. That's not a decent husband. When a woman is in her last weeks of pregnancy especially, anything can happen. Whether he was making a movie or not, she should have come first.

  3. I cant believe they let Charles Manson still write a book??? And have any food at all? He needs to be put down like a skum he is. Why are any of them still alive?

  4. Sharon tate was a beautiful person, if you look at photos of her then she transcends time,very stylish and mod, her figure is more like the girls of today, back then most were a little chubby, not sharon, people must never forget what happened to her and her friends and the la biancas so many years ago,she should have been allowed to have her baby, her life. may she always rest in peace.