Sunday, April 18, 2010

Quote of the Week, New European Forum for Sharon, and How To Find Rare Sharon DVDs and More on Polanski

Here is our Quote of the Week:
From Leslie Caron:

"She was such a dear lovely girl,modest , sincere w/ a profound warmth. Blinding beauty and irresistable charm. She was also very sharp, an amazing precise, logical mind, not a fool, as some mistakenly felt, and she had alot of insight into what had happened to her. I adored her."

One of our contributors, Micaela has her own forum on Sharon now:

Want to find Sharon's movies on DVD?  Like "Eye of the Devil" and "12 + 1 Chairs":

Some Very Rare German Lobby Cards for "The Wrecking Crew":

Polanski called a 'Master':

And the victim has no say in current case?


  1. Just had to tell you again - your page is so incredibly fantastic. Please keep up the great work. All of us Sharon fans truly enjoy coming back and visiting again and again. Much Love~


  2. Mary, you said this so well. Keep up the great work, Mike.