Tuesday, April 6, 2010

For Sunday, April 4, 2010: Quote of the Week, Happy Easter from Sharon, and Another Remembrance of Sharon

Here is the quote of the week:

By Sharon herself:

I guess I kind of lived in a fairytale world... looking at everything through rose-colored glasses. I probably always will, to a certain extent.

Happy Easter to Everyone!  Hope you had a good one!

Here is a remembrance from a girl whos father went to high school with Sharon.  He has since passed away and she wants to remain anonymous but I know you would all love to hear what her father said about her.  Her father went to Richland High with her.  The daughter says:

"My father had lovely things to say about Sharon.  They never dated or anything like that but were friends.  He said she was outgoing, vivacious, always smiling and a good friend to everyone.  She was genuine and treated everyone the same.  She encouraged people and she never lumped anyone into categories such as a 'jock' which is what my father would have been.  He said it was cool to have someone who saw him for what he was and not as a stereotype.  He said she also had a great sense of humor and that she always had a smile on her face.  He said that he was shocked when he found out about her murder but that he instantly knew where she was... She was such an angel, she had to be with God now."

May they both Rest in Peace.

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