Wednesday, April 7, 2010

For Tuesday, April 6, 2010: Another Rare Interview with Sharon from a German Magazine

Thanks to Suse, a Sharon fan for allowing me to use this here:

Jasmin German Magazine - Interview 1969:
The caption reads: Sharon Tate: "Thus to live on as before."

"My Luck, My Fear, My Hope"

JASMIN spoke with Hollywood Star Sharon Tate.  This interview took place a few weeks ago.  Today - after the murder of Sharon Tate in the home she shared with her husband Roman Polanski - is this amazing conversation of actuality.

Jasmin: What is your biggest fortune?

ST: The child I am expectiing. But Roman and I, we did not plan this child --it was just a fortunate coincidence.

But this is my life: Only this moment counts, only this day. I have never worried about my future.
Jasmin: What are you scared of?

ST: Being all alone, to have nobody who loves me, nobody who I can love--thats my fear.  Loneliness drives

people to desperation and they realize that they have no reason to live. Thank God I was never in such a

situation but I'm still young yet.  But for elderly people it must be terrible seeing their friends dying-- one

after another.  The loneliness of age deeply depresses me.

Jasmin: What is your biggest hope?

ST: Certainly not my career, I just don't have the ambition.  I hope my child will be the most beautiful and
the healthiest child in the world.  And it shall be happy--a happy person who can see, understand and enjoy
the beautiful things in life.  This is also the hope I have for my own life: just carry on living like I do now--perfectly happy ... or is this maybe asking a bit too much?
Note: If you recognized the photo shoot above you are correct... It is from the famous Esquire Magazine shoot.

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