Monday, April 12, 2010

John Steiner on Sharon Tate, New Sharon Tate Art, A New Blog on Sharon and More

A little while ago a Sharon fan asked about John Steiner and what he thought of Sharon.  I tried to email him but never got a response so I emailed one of his fans and here is what he had to say:

Actor John Steiner.

Sorry I've been so long in replying. I've been rooting through some old magazines and files to see if I can find anything for you. Sadly, there is very little on the film, which has always struck me as strange. It was pretty much overshadowed at the time by Mel Brook's inferior The Twelve Chairs, and the film has stayed stubbornly unfashionable.

Steiner only mentioned the film in passing in an interview in the early 70's, and quoted that Tate was a "lovely lady."

All the very best, Cranston

For his website go here:

Another artistic blogger has created a nice sketch of Sharon here:

And another person has began a Sharon Tate blog.  She wrote and complimented me on mine.  Thank you!  Here is the link for her blog:

Good luck with your blog!  The more the merrier for fans of Sharon!

Have you ever wondered what happened to Polanski directing Robert Harris' other best seller Pompeii?

Here is a video of Author Robert Harris talking about "The Ghost Writer" and comparing Polanski to Hitchcock:


  1. That "12 + 1" photo is very special.

    I wish Roman had been able to make "Pompeii".

    Thanks, Mike!!

  2. Yes I agree that photo is very special. Sharon looks so radiant in it and beautiful as always.

    Loving this blog Mike, it's so excellent. I have spent hours reading all the stuff you previously posted. Well done!!